That what they look like.

The Video Game Cartoon Police (often shortened to VGCP) is a group filled with immature users, who think they have authority (when in fact, they do not). The VGCP used to be good; but unfortunately, it has now devolved into a cult. And it was bought by the ADL, causing it to become a nazi-fandom group. And what makes it worse is the fact that users from the VGCP have extremely poor grammar, they tend to commit caps raging very immaturely, and were beginning to behave like 2010-2016 UTTP/UTTPO (which is worse enough, but still see them as their arch enemies) and in worse cases, some of them are racist or even homophobic, the VGCP as of 2015 is mostly ran by underage users, and if you piss them off they use grounded threats. Like wtf.. 

Despite their name, the VGCP wasn't even a real police group at all, and EDCP, NDCP, LDCP, IGUA, OWN, and even TPNG are their allies. 

The behavior of an average VGCP member as well as members of groups that are their allies are closely similar to those of rabid creationist, and religious fundamentalist found on the youtube comment section. 

Most VGCP Members are preteens.

Early years (2011-2015)

No one knows who founded the VGCP, but it was speculated that it was founded by Officer Luigi in 2011, at first glance the VGCP was made to stop the UTTP(The UTTP was a troll group at the time).

When it started, the VGCP were one of the most well behaved organizations on GoAnimate, always willing to defend a Non-Sider user, even if they didn't want to take part in the GoodUserBadUser War.

They have been fighting at the UTTP and even tried to team up with the FNAF fandom against the UTTP in 2015 when the UTTP make a fake threat to the FNAF.

Controversy (2015-present)

In 2015, the VGCP turned against the Non-Siders, and began behaving like the UTTP. Like the UTTP, they have also been making videos out of users, bullying and harassing Non-Siders in the process. This move angered many Non-Siders, whom have since vowed to put an end to the GoodUserBadUser War between them, once and for all. Also, they're not as good at respecting opinions as they were in 2014. It has recently seen users falling out with each other within the organization, suggesting that some of them may become Non-Siders or normal ones. Julian Song is the leader of the anti-VGCP who likes to hunt down VGCPs that turned bad as he is smarter than VGCP as if he isn't part of VGCP.

Even though the UTTP started to change from being a troll group to a normal group, some VGCP and their allies members still goes against them.

Notable VGCP members

  • Caleb The Animator VGCP
  • Grand Chase Sucks VGCP
  • TFBLRegularShowAnimeFan2000 VGCP TPNG OWN ISAO (doesn't act like an immature user)
  • Louielouie96 VGCP
  • Hilary Clinton 
  • Spongebobleader44 VGCP TPNG OWN
  • Gamerplayer4257movies (a.k.a Zuhong2548Videos) *VGCP (Young Tween that is making real life vids,Goanimate!4schools and powerpoint vids)
  • UltraLeoGX Expert VGCP AUTTP
  • ThomasTheCatWarrior VGCP EDCP ANODD AUTTP TPNG ACHP(False TPNG Member)
  • Nita Kroul VGCP
  • Littlestpetshopyes godofwarNo VGCP TPNG OWN
  • RugratsYes CuriousBuddiesNo VGCP TPNG OWN
  • VHSDVDS&CDSyes badwordsno VGCP EDCP
  • ChefBobTheCook VGCP
  • sammurray12 VGCP EDCP
  • BowserFanatic1985 VGCP
  • AlexAnimationFan2016 VGCP
  • Jake Khmer VGCP
  • Fisher Mr.L and Harry VGCP
  • Harry Potter VGCP GETBAC
  • MickeyMouseFTWOggy&WabbitFTL 360 VGCP POE
  • Brian Hannon POE WAN EDCP VGCP
  • Tom the Red iZ NDCP EDCP VGCP
  • AlexKimbleYesDoraNo VGCP
  • TehYoshiBoy OWN EDCP VGCP
  • TehYoshiHater AVGCP AEDCP UTTP(False AVGCP, AEDCP and UTTP Member) and UTTP Member)
  • TalkingKittyFan OWN EDCP VGCP
  • RabbidsComedian1991 OWN VGCP TPNG GCAEC
  • Dosera VGCP
  • HomerSimpsonAndZootopiaYes AlvinHungNO VGCP EDCP
  • FoxyThePirateYes UndertaleNo VGCP AUTTP FNAF
  • MortalKombatFanMillionaire OWN VGCP
  • Fisher Mr.L and Harry VGCP
  • BoyOhBoy123 VGCP
  • Harry Potter VGCP GETBAC
  • HigglytownTeensLover1999 VGCP AUTTP TATF MB PACP
  • MinecraftYesBabyShowsNo VGCP OWN
  • Sky and Oobi OWN VGCP EDCP
  • GreenyPhatomAndMakeWayForNoddyYes PeppaPigAndSuperMarioBrosNo VGCP UTTP(False UTTP Member)
  • EmirhanÇayanIsNotUTTP OWN VGCP TPNG(False UTTP Member)
  • Roberto Futurelli XXX THDTC UTTP VGCP KKK PMDUnity(False UTTP Member)
  • Danny fan Est. Rules EDCP VGCP RODD
  • MouseHuntFan2001 EDCP VGCP
  • Ivor The Flame Kid VGCP EDCP UTTP THDTC(False UTTP Member)
  • Cupcake Star 147 AUTTP VGCP EDCP Comidian
  • CentralYesCarltonNo Est. 1955 VGCP EDCP AUTTP
  • ComedyWorldYesCaillouNo VGCP
  • Max and gidget fan 2016 VGCP
  • GracefulKarime VGCP
  • Jbreemes64 VGCP
  • RyanTheAnimator VGCP
  • King Wannie1963 is going to SCARE YOU ALL VGCP
  • SuperPeachZaki SFTB TPNG OWN VGCP
  • Henry Kalsin's EDCP VGCP AUTTP
  • Chiro Takashi NDCP EDCP VGCP
  • Terrence and Phillip VGCP ACG PACFBE
  • Clasky Tunes POE VGCP NDCP
  • Ethan the NYC Guy AUTTP VGCP
  • MacusoperAndLPSYesDieselBustersNo VGCP
  • Macusoper yes Diesel Busters no vgcp
  • Suicide Mouse AUTTP VGCP EDCP
  • Carmen The Special Fair
  • RobloxComedian2005 VGCP EDCP OWN SNUARA
  • S.K1996&SebbySTruesdailAre)wey)me VGCP EDCP NDCP
  • Isae80)9)AAHC VGCP EDP
  • FNAF yes caillou No vgcp
  • Good Users EDCP VGCP
  • boop hollaender VGCP NDCP
  • MisterRobloxian2016 VGCP
  • TTTEAndSpongebobYes FurfagsNo VGCP EDCP AFU AAHC
  • BartSimpsonFTW LisaSimpsonFTL VGCP EDCP AUTTP (Also known as Conor Dooley)
  • Manly Grace AKKTK VGCP ACD
  • memelarry1128 VGCP EDCP SPHC AAHC
  • GoanimateYes CalliouNo VGCP
  • Mephone5 UTTP VGCP (False UTTP member)
  • Jake Srien
  • gbcgfg sjjshdndusj
  • Peppa Pig UTTP (False UTTP member; it is stated in the channel about description that it is the VGCP's side of the UTTP, which isn't true. What's more, this member likes the VGCP.)
  • Chloe Pig UTTP VGCP IGUA (False UTTP member)
  • Shopkins Pesky (Not in her username because Dave d'Video Maker told her to leave the VGCP and EDCP, but she's still a VGCP member)
  • MarioAndBaldisBasicsFTW SonicAndBubsyFTL POE VGCP (SonicFan72706’s nemesis)
  • Most parody channels

Former VGCP members

  • Avata Star Sue VGCP NODD (retired in June 2016 due to other immature VGCP/UTTP users hurting her feelings)
  • Sophie the Otter (retired in Spring 2015 due to controversy)
  • Mcb1209 (retired in March 2015 due to wars)
  • XboxRulesWiiSux (Dead horse; probably retired)
  • Kang Ha Neul VEVO AJDC SHDC TPNG OWN VGCP (Dead horse; probably suspended or terminated)
  • Pingy Animatronic (Retired in Summer 2015)
  • Alex Kimble TEIT MP SFTB TPNG OWN VGCP (Retired due to having war with UTTP)
  • thegoldenbrick1 (Retired in August 2015 due to controversy)
  • Mister C.F. (retired in June 2015, 1 week after Lance Adams)
  • Lance Adams (retired in June 2015 but his username on YouTube did not change due to Google Policy) 
  • GYGN (Started using the name "The VGCP is actually for 1 year olds." after leaving.)
  • HMGoAnimate (Hamida Mansouri POE, retired a long time ago)
  • stimpy VGCP (retired to join the HGUA)
  • Dilly Mackey (Retired in December 2015)
  • Imageny (retired December 2014)
  • Dorky Villager 1999 VGCP AUTTP (Left youtube after his mom deleted his videos)
  • mrcoolcat2016 VGCP EDCP AUTTP
  • MinecraftFansComedian2003 (Retired in June 2016 due to VGCP members disrespecting opinions)
  • Inez Thomas VGCP (left The VGCP), (then joined The EDCP and WAN) then left these groups, then left GoAnimate Community in general
  • DanTDMtheAnimator VGCP (Joined the AUTTP)
  • Mlg Silvia (aka Mario77fan) VGCP EDCP IGUA (hacked by Boris The Teeth Guy UTTP THDTC AVGCP)
  • KungfutheFireyfangirl VGCP EDCP OWN (Become Dead Horse His new account named Nei Thwang)
  • WideGlobe (He leave the VGCP and joined EDCP and his channel is terminated)
  • Brendan Barney (Moved to EDCP, no longer part of any Cartoon Police group)
  • Sam Da Vlogger (Moved to EDCP, and later left the GoAnimate community in general)
  • Margra Batto
  • Jakepancakez2004 (Moved to EDCP, then left this group)
  • Evil Remote VGCP (But that person got termanatied)
  • Ethan Bruce the Animator VGCP (Retired in May 2018)
  • Popler121 VGCP AUTTP AAKWATP (Left the GoAnimate Community and retired in March 2018)
  • CentralYesCarltonNo Est. 1955 VGCP EDCP AUTTP (Channel suspended, created a new channel in September 2017 and left the VGCP, EDCP and AUTTP communities.)
  • Jus Par The GoAnimator TPNG OWN VGCP
  • coolboy7750 (Lost hatred on Alvin Hung and also left the VGCP)
  • Teletubbies Suck Est. 2010 VGCP EDCP AUTTP (Stripper Red) (joined the false UTTP)
  • chbrock2007 forever AUTTP ATHDTC VGCP EDCP AAHC (Neutral VGCP Member)