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Trent Morrison EDCP

His old look


SouthParkSatanFan2015 VGCP (formerly), DeviousDieselFan1999 VGCP


September 23, 1999 (age 17)

Terminated on YouTube

January 22, 2016


Scotland, United Kingdom




Dave (formerly), Young Guy



  • Fetish Videos
  • Being a girl
  • Thomas gets Grounded
  • Devious Diesel (Formerly)
  • Spongebob
  • Minions
  • SuperMarioLogan
  • Fritz the Cat
  • Cool World
  • My Little Pony
  • Pixar
  • General Mandible
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (Nowadays)
  • Snoopy


  • Green ProDuctions Universe
  • Key Bird Comedian Abuse
  • Mr Winkle
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (Formerly)
  • Baby Shows
  • Paul C
  • Classic Disney Movies
  • Antz
  • Lord Pluto


  • ILoveCole VGCP
  • ArceeFan2015
  • KeyBirdFilms
  • Alex Kimble
  • MariebelComedian
  • Paul C
  • Green ProDuctions Universe

December 25, 2016

Trent Morrison EDCP was some random user who makes Fetish videos that disgust Everybody.


He is a troublemaker on many videos by many users.

He was a plain user who makes grounded videos normally, until 2015, He made Fetish Videos that disgust people. Green ProDuctions Universe told him to see a Doctor and told Trent that He needed Mental Help. He denied and Mess up the Green ProDuctions Wiki. 9 other peole messed it up also because of him. He is currently serving 90,007 year sentence for creating fetish videos at the Bristol Naughty People's home. Thankfully, he got terminated in January 2016 by Lord Pluto.


Fetish Videos, Being a girl, Thomas gets Grounded, Devious Diesel (Formerly), Spongebob, Minions, SuperMarioLogan, Fritz the Cat, Cool World, My Little Pony, Pixar, General Mandible, Thomas the Tank Engine (Nowadays), Snoopy


Green ProDuctions Universe, Key Bird Comedian Abuse, Mr Winkle, Thomas the Tank Engine (Formerly), Baby Shows, Paul C, Classic Disney Movies, Antz, Lord Pluto 


ILoveCole VGCP, ArceeFan2015, KeyBirdFilms, Alex Kimble, MariebelComedian, CherryLollipop155


Paul C, Green ProDuctions Universe, Other "Bad" Users


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Commander Peepers says You Hurt Your What in class: 0aVPXu7_KOB0
3 new grounded series planned: 0snaCfpontBU
Belson calls Steven Universe fat and gets grounded: 0DcmHIU0nMEs
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Chracter request to SmurfetteComedian2015: 0iSJ62dPisXU
7 new characters: 0WlTf1mO3UAQ
Message to KeybirdComedianVEVO: 0lMo1G0a5mPY
I made LouieLouie96: 0zZ4BCxIE51s
Me and KeybirdComedianVEVO get plastic surgery: 0KO_M2kMopyY
My Christmas icon: 0bWoopZoI_z4
I made ChristmasFan2014 and Lily Dyson: 0a2g3D13Gle4
My new Google page: 0AAj1LW9iMkw
Yokai falls asleep in classs and gets grounded: 0oWFEMFMfJCI
Pixar99Swell rants: Kaos: 0xftt7UbAfkE
Drago Bludvist insults KeybirdComedian's Youtube channel: 0GxDZw3CR0a4
Me and my girlfriend meet CilanComedian194: 0Avay3RPsSBQ
Me and KeybirdComedianVEVO's Merry Christmas: 0fBLSMWRXtis
Lola gets grounded for nothing: 0fBLSMWRXtis
Which Disney movie is better? #1: 0tYoNjIJi0is
Fan-made Inside Out poster: 0KM4noj4cHz8
Me and Kiara change our looks: 0c5te356cIyI
My new icon: 08I09IpAniXg
8 new Skylanders: 0Lvc3HJLwQ4c
Drago Bludvist falls asleep in class/gets grounded: 0gM1umbRKddE
13 new characters: 0XC9xmsBkstk
Guy Gagne gets in dead meat:
Question for KeybirdFilms/RPGFan5000:
3 new characters: 0oNvp467sig8
Is this better?: 0EveIF_BMlIU
Andrew Detmer steals Baymax's lunch/gets grounded: 0bG5FxlNslXc
Message to Skyler Hawkins and SuperMarioZaki: 0tzWysIxX6Ik
My new icon/username for Sponge Out Of Water: 0FsW5OxsXn_Q
Chick Hicks fattens me and KeybirdFilms/grounded: 05oq-zqXDFpo
Abrasive SpongeBob and DoodleBob ground me and Keybird: 0Z8VMGTIiuu8
Please make more videos Keybird! D-':>: 0mDwCSe8Itb8
Spongebob characters pony forms: 0oHEXYXpR87g
2010 Disney villains draw a Big Fat Meanie/grounded: 0jv1S0wJs3VY
Andrew Detmer calls our baby stupid/grounded: 0LDp-eopSQWE
Tony's new look for Sponge Out Of Water: 0_WxQ-CDACQI
Oogie Boogie insults our new looks for Sponge Out Of Water/grounded: 0ABp2pHtIVAQ
Which one of these characters is better? #2: 0iBCNib6iAm0
3 new characters: 0Z1WwBdF8REQ
6 new characters: 0BaurZG2YHPw
My new intro for February: 0ToZVERVW6kw
Devious Diesel kills Gavin Graham: 0feeFAG7NSTo
Chick Hicks turns me and KeybirdFilms giant/grounded: 0wfH20kouW6U
Andrew Detmer misbehaves at the movie theater/grounded: 0_FPrsvhoQLU
Zee rants on KeybirdFilms and gets grounded: 0tQWaNhpNX7A
8 new characters: 0X5xIj9qQMgg
Spiderus kills Mark Tigrus879 Romo: 0Go79eBT1Hqg
Tio gets in dead meat: 0_eHblEMLdLg
Character request to Noisy MountainWagon: 0GbniDB2sVpw
Message to Mark Tigrus879 Romo: 0nizg-QD1Llo
Me and my girlfriend rant on Mark Tigrus879 Romo: 0g8pVMuPqJ-0
Spiderus kills Mark Tigrus879 Romo (2nd sequel): 0iY2EOCjjpWY
Tiana rants on KeybirdFilms and gets grounded: 0SUrR-Gwna2w
Me and my girlfriend rant on: Froot Loops: 01qRjGBYHJaY
Me and my girlfriend KeybirdFilms rant on: Wormy: 0pnkJ6zIKbLQ
Who's better?: 0Ps3Q3Kpd9s8
For KeybirdFilms: 01l4dHXeWmUY
Tio rants on KeybirdFilms and gets grounded: 0DHGQCzq92J4
6 new characters: 0qN71DwIGS3E
We made ArceeFan2015: 0gglkHV-E6lE
Ripto gets grounded for nothing: 0eKtwSZDp-v0
Ripto draws a Big Fat Meanie and gets grounded: 0QJCc3vCPzKA
New icon for ChloeComedianVevo: 0uhZY1ufshXM
For ChloeComedianVevo and pikachu487: 0jiaW8L2GGqI
My new Google Page for Sponge Out Of Water: 05cWuH1WRiqA
I made trulychloe: 0WGoovSTmpyc
Me and my girlfriend Keybird rant on: Wings: 0FH_ElzCCClM
ALL my Cars characters: 0nVNfFSqVmTw
Wormy grounds Minecraftfan1999 and gets grounded: 0ixaVZDRtRN4
We get plastic surgery: 0WvIGP9ddOfg
Me and my friends in the theater: 0EISNk-Rfsgk
ArceeFan2015 likes our new looks for Spongebob/ungrounded: 0HlC1vkmID1M
Malefor draws a Big Fat Meanie and gets grounded: 0m9_vsXk4s8Q
Green Productions is a baby! :D: 077flpFdlkSw
Me and Keybird's Spongy dance: 0qwLGKGC43WE
Lady Tremaine kills BUYesGUNo: 0a4pE6yvFb6g
Burger-Beard sells burgers whlie grounded: 0n1DHjcgDOTA
Spongebob villains get grounded marathon!: 00MvFv3oLVfk
My new icon for My Little Pony Equestria Girls 3: 0FqVrNAWQXDI
Another 9 months pregnancy gone wrong video preview: 0eeq8gXpkk84
For KeybirdTheSpongyGirl: 0lBoX_80txGM
6 new characters: 0uSJp7VQXOtE
My Girls With Big Boobs Hall Of Fame: 0rSHvEn-hDKo
Character request to ArceeFan2015: 0ZcV3aMsHLh8
We get plastic surgery for Valentines Day: 0ZyQtEuiYtj0
My new icon for Valentines Day: 0g09y82hFNYw
My Cute User Couples Hall Of Fame: 09zWH-CCm5nc
Guess this character #1: 0miH_pZHUwnI
13 new characters: 099qyiL6MjSw
My new intro for Valentines Day: 0dknugtNPhhs
Kahmunrah interrupts PGYGCN and SC16's kiss/grounded: 0k1G3UvYYkxk
Kahmunrah and friends draw a Big Fat Meanie/grounded: 0I1FnoBk11oU
2 new characters: 0r1KS7TrJ22M
Me and KeybirdComedian2015 treat NYNN like a baby: 09Viybm_jqsA
My Cute User Couples Hall Of Fame (Extended): 0OV0Y5re4BWQ
Guy Gagne talks smack to Easter Island Head/grounded: 0G06N6MccCpc
Question for KeybirdComedian2015: 0NEOkE8CNRso
Kahmunrah and friends get in dead meat: 0gwPUlLf9ge8
10 new characters/New user friend: 0I-Vw80Zeo44
Ripslinger, Ned and Zed get grounded for nothing: 0Husn1aJQ3lM
Grounded series request to ChuckECheeseFTW LittleBillS: 08yzz5C2mMEA
Me and KeybirdComedian2015's new looks: 0A3SmWZmXD48
My new icon: 0IuqibeNNZOM
My new intro: 0UNI3xQ0UhTU
Cad Spinner gets grounded for nothing: 0HOW31q2zNy0
Ripto takes a picture of KeybirdComedian2015/grounded: 0e9Z6Ruf6Dao
Wormy scares me and gets grounded: 0A5AzclLRbZc
Cecil, Gus and Reginald get grounded for nothing: 0Y61-Gsda6fE
3 new characters: 0cWD1GRkvwAg
All of me and Keybird's avatars: 01CkKuommnnk
Malefor meets Ripto and they get grounded: 0sN71djQM_as
4 new characters: 0Puw-YdW9Iic
Apology to Keybird/Severe message to Earthsam Pro: 0Hqcrf4n0oRg
Gnasty Gnorc gets grounded for nothing: 0KLjBy5xFUz4
2 new characters: 0iXIG8bTakUg
pikachu487 Vs Toothy Corporations 2015 (C): 0HiDtBDvWdqA
4 new user friends: 0k2zdch8X6n4
2 new characters: 0L5_W4WIRFF8
Goanimate Yee: 0A4ixFyipM1E
Introduction to Evil Pingu: 0PaBWOH9hcGE
Which one of these vehicle movies is better? #3: 0tv-r74msFK8
Me and Kiara get new genderfriends: 09m3EWQA_Oso
5 new characters: 0RMAqyCSNoRU
11 new characters: 0YEhMoExGDPk
Which versions of Dusty and Ripslinger are better?: 0oMg_MZCOHqo
3 new characters: 0KcW2x_I0vqI
2 new user friends/Question to NathanDesignerBoy7: 0vSWZEAaqHhc

6 new characters: 0JX-px1jLbmU
Me and KeybirdComedian2015's Valentines Day date: 0APEfi0VcxZ8
Join the war against Toothy Corporations 2015!: 02hUZRwr7J0k
My new intro for me and Keybird's anniversary: 0F_KY5pwrIqQ
Dazzlings draw Big Fat Meanies and get grounded: 0mLslNLl4O5w
An icon I could have used if Kiara was still my GF: 0y3LySSP3wtc
Cecil, Gus and Reginald draw Big Fat Meanies: 0MKfGHln6ZiY
Saddam Hussein gets grounded for nothing: 0w-OVlnuLrD0
Saddam Hussein rants on 2010's Disney movies/grounded: 0g_4TlQ1qtZE
SouthParkSatanFan2015 rants: Toy Animatronics: 0GFdUouZ8Ij0
SouthParkSatan2015 rants: MichaelTheGoanimateDude: 0j_wxiZVtd68
Cute Or Ugly?: 0OtE9DCu4XCY
My new intro - Evil Pingu: 0Q3-a73YvWuY
SouthParkSatanFan2015 rants: Raccoon (The Nut Job): 0yYn8cBUQWjQ
ALL of my Night At The Museum characters: 0m5BY0eu9tM8
My updated intro: 0W5ffkKcOVhk
Saddam Hussein falls asleep in class/grounded: 0hV1BgLO93wk
Golden Freddy rants on My Little Pony Equestria Girls and gets grounded: 0X6ogDdZXW8E
Foxy and Mangle's new looks: 0NHY9pIfldE0
7 new characters: 0dmdKv8v99r8
Kim Jong il gets grounded for nothing: 0gGadGDdBWC8
Fora gets plastic surgery: 0yCOB-DJ7WpU
My new intro (Updated) - Evil Pingu: 0Wx09msiYkZY
Saddam Hussein meets Kim Jong-il and they get grounded: 04-gOkBqDerQ
11 new characters: 0UATyLYQfMME
All my Five Nights At Freddy's characters: 0qE9D4r58jnQ
Spyro villains cuss in class and get grounded: 0LTC89R8DX6U
Me and Kiara's anniversary coming tomorrow!: 0G86bfYgMC1A
Ace gets grounded for nothing: 0-LZxMFKOrwU
My new icon to remember my love for Kiara Billings: 0DKC-r8HQd_s
3 new characters: 0aftrngA3e7I
5 new characters: 0_Frxs2rVzoU
Me and Rachael's new looks for St. Patrick's Day: 0hDwmLIhBMyM
New user friend: 038hBBQbIReE
Which username should I use on St. Patricks Day?: 0pns0P0ROAIY
My new username vote results: 0I2Uz6i581BI
Me and Rachael get plastic surgery: 0J_8e6GWLCxs
My new intro: 0aRMt7f0pJKY
Gaul gets grounded for nothing: 0MwlpKp9qycM
12 new characters: 06P944aSG-Ow
Trumper gets grounded for nothing: 0f2-597sobKw
Kahmunrah draws a Big Fat Meanie/grounded (Solo): 067Bft2kdaTE
Reginald: Do you know what my daddy did?: 0UqlKpdcxZ7Q
Ripto grounds Toothless and gets grounded: 0b1di73W6-XY
Andrew Detmer goes to Teardropfan2014's birthday party: 0lSgvKfkZjOI
Green Productions gets plastic surgery: 0slDgm7yLXac
Message to Alex Kimble (Not mean): 0obIQNGsTK3o
Me and Rachael's new looks for Easter: 0aaRZC52qAPQ
Black Yoshi - Bah!: 0XReMyhN44BU
My Mario/SuperMarioLogan characters: 0TUgaVy4sScs
A song for Ben Bowen: 0TEljloKNkVY
Junior - Very hot: 0ZnX0uMxqzqs
Jackie Chu's message to Pablo Brewer: 0t2gVUO891fY
Cody and Tanner Yin Yang: 0g8B9Divw2jw
Me and Rachael get plastic surgery for Easter: 0jmm5C6IzUlg
My new intro for Easter: 0tPWgsPzGnuo
Gary Johnston kills GTAFan12And4Hackers: 0uPxZRVoKy9s
GTAFan12And4Hackers gets 5 punishments: 095t7peja6NY
Gaul and Malefor pig out at 7-11 while grounded: 0pl0G--_cnpA
Kim Jong Il gets grounded on Easter (Easter Special): 0e_IGGue1DFE
Me and Rachael have rabbit ears now!: 0rmUhbKTiUtk
Socially Awkward Vs Average Vs Socially Awesome: 06oNcs8dlML0
6 new characters: 0fRpt9MG_LwI
7 new characters: 05aBpCUp26Ig
Preview for a new hit on video: 0GwTekbh7ac8
SouthParkSatanFan2015 rants: Lambo Rocks haters: 0kyN3ZxWWY2I
Voting results: 0KDGCasDLzro
Me and Rachael's Easter Egg hunt: 0jlYxljmsKlo
Bowser fattens me and Rachael and gets grounded: 0uW2RUv29DPY
Bowser turns me and Rachael giant and gets grounded: 044-adPl9WrE
7 new characters: 0UxB1YxdyPbg
Me and Rachael's new looks for after Easter: 0CCFdl62fGEw
3 new characters: 0xTt87-FPg0w
Brendan Barney pours a little syrup on Paul C: 0zRynILGMrzs
Me and Rachael get plastic surgery: 0xcHkNiJM8HU
My new icon: 0ctWmSNzO5yI
Rant: Wings (Rephase): 0XfxcSRvRrq8
TTTE Is Taking Over gets grounded (1st episode): 04cDdE0uLYTw
Rant: Calculus: 0rV7gyD_HcUw
TTTE IS ANGRY gets pig piled: 0ImtZkec862c
Rant: TTTE IS ANGRY: 0uvR6artwAKU
Me and Rachael's bedroom: 0MB5zBLn3S44
5 new characters: 0JdXAFRcVUBQ
Mr. Winkle gets grounded for nothing: 0jbQxd_AFxmU
My new channel art: 0afu7ge6mbw0
Principal Steinbeck gets grounded for nothing: 0KlRV-RqAGaI
Millicent turns me and Rachael huge and gets grounded: 0m6fuQUEsuXQ
My new Google page: 01VMj9aU6KFE
Patrick & Filipe's reaction to SH getting terminated: 0XQM0KwKj6-I
Millicent rants on Lambo Rocks and gets grounded: 0uRwtvSvI0m4
My fan-made SuperMarioLogan characters: 0AqQfT2tGgbM
Millicent grounds my girlfriend and gets grounded: 0ul4HWDzFYCI
Question for Teardropfan2014: 0fHDNYrJbhNA
Kahmunrah breaks the teacher's hip/gets grounded: 0OdDA_8B9ZF8
Rachael in her bikini: 0W6kUB8qqTnM
My attempt at Lambo Rocks's Goanimate avatar: 0lhqLYxq-lHM
15 new characters: 0A5pdEjBmA3E
Thomas The Tank Engine genderswaps me and Rachael: 0Uz_n3K0iBNg
8 new characters: 0XDhIF4917sI
Thomas and Percy meet Guy Gagne and gets grounded: 0HMuW8l1AOBg
Jackie Chu's grandfather's death (Reenactment): 0wIUWfczbp4I
Saddam Hussein grounds Cody and gets grounded: 09B_tsom_7Ls
2 new characters: 0NFVunyfj3EA
Oliver and Toad get grounded for nothing: 0OO77cFFMpaM
Me and Erikka Punkette beat OishiKawaiiIsCutie: 0sDVymj9ffC0
5 new characters: 00LsdWVieQyE
Thomas The Tank Engine calls the babies stupid/grounded: 0-rKv6J8dqHs
TrentComedianVEVO rants on TAF and gets ground (Sequel): 00HjJNUuN5JE
8 new characters: 07FtRqBaqZPk
Thomas The Tank Engine insult's Kiara's new look/grounded: 0jvbSVoFIHao
1 new character: 05TTob5mDLOo
Thomas & Friends get grounded poster: 0-4BWsV9JjX8
Inez Thomas's butt swells and poops on Courtney: 0Moqp34MBvlg
I deflate Inez Thomas's butt: 0Ge6NaSqRyjA
CatscratchIsCutie's butt swells and poops on Dora: 0LQyFu2_kwh8
I will be gone for 3 days...: 0_RjrMLVewRs
9 new characters: 0bWjRdMx4KsM
To Correcto SUX: 0Lt4bb0pFKy4
Me and Rachael's butts swell/poop on CTA & ETGK: 0n4om0AjUhlg
NeurosiaLover2015 call Thomas and Emily's baby stupid/ungrounded: 00zbfRlt6YrE
AbaRed/GFFTWSTSKFTL gets grounded (1st episode): 0sEDkfk-5VqE
Rachael's big balloon body: 0zzvqezZ29ZM
My girlfriend brings bad news: 0tKU7spki5EA
Toby and Mavis fall in love and get grounded: 0-94qIi9aIh4
My reaction to Ria and Rina turning me into a baby: 0Gjl-WMidiEw
Me & Rachael without our glasses hats & headphones: 0GWf2wSL_xPY
My reaction to Duncanetta turning Rachel into baby: 0jgbJnZ4B1uE
Me and Rachael's new looks for summer: 0P9RUsGurn-o
What Mary's next username should be: 0IWueLaJm0Ao
Murdoch dates online with the girls and gets grounded: 0rNiEzerqXJM
My girlfriend Rachael does a blowback in her body: 0x6-76XhR0m8
7 new characters + someone awesome: 0zQy2fMMotH4
Blande's big balloon body: 0yDog5nwh2fc
For Mary: 0x_CvDYiiZx4
Narrow Gauge Engines get grounded for nothing: 0RUieWlSQo08
Question to KeshaYes BabyBopNo: 08kzGyESfnj4
Salty grounds Bowser Jr and gets grounded: 0FZ2DZRFNHuQ
Henry, Gordon and James rant on Despicable Me/grounded: 0kLC6mOzqLSg
Question for Mary: 0fGkFO8lWUec
Thomas and Emily rant on ConorSlevinYesEmilyNo: 0h5cbjV4Wr8s
Message to ConorSlevinYesEmilyNo: 0BQbMFGNn8eo
Trent Rants: Devious Diesel Gets Grounded Series: 0kvfJQlzLKDU
10 new characters: 06iR75mgJF30
Thomas makes fetish videos with his girlfriend While Grounded: 0h2dUM5-HKQU
Do you want this to happen?: 0drJOhE_TrxQ
Thomas and Emily call CSYEN a vampire/get grounded: 0MCfcJM6_NaI
Rachael without her ponytail: 0DSnQrNYkbpg
Me and Rachael H. change our looks for Minions: 0wXwwEMTAHSQ
Thomas and Emily try to put a diaper on Chloe: 0tF_dnmQC8IA
15 new characters: 0O-O4SHtq9Po
TrentFTW DarylFTL/Mary eats chocolate...: 0hwuOD7HV_7U
Vector gets grounded for nothing: 0ncVlygFWvYg
Blande's big booty: 09dIe4e9_Rsk
My reaction to Paul C getting banned from Youtube!: 065xAaiGvL0U
El Macho draws a Big Fat Meanie and gets grounded: 0AlEkxq8Ni40
2 new characters: 06DPICyMZhKE
Vector fattens me and Rachael and gets grounded: 0Zrn2jrY4AEI
5 new characters: 0NlqJ4R5HMSs
Vector turns me and Rachael giant and gets grounded: 0F74beXnqvbw
Rachael's blueberry inflation: 0cMZ2D2sdihk
Rachael and Oishi Kawaii blueberry inflation: 0gI94SnCQNwM
What's going on here? #1: 0BcAGEvHSsfs
Scarlet Overkill rants on Chronicle/grounded: 0nfYrGXKRNhM
1 new character: 0lp6y3iXv-_8
Thomas and Emily call C, B and B vampires/grounded: 0Do7iuS7gQ6Q
Paul C gets his horrible ugliness removed: 0QJu9MFRXjro
2 new characters: 0MbE9jVXUzBM
DeadRoseFanatic2015 blows an enourmous bubblegum: 07vjuS8fd7IY
Rosie The Pink Engine gets a boyfriend/grounded: 06llpo7i7egs
I do stuff with Oishi K. for having a crush on me!: 0NHJV0LnlFMI
For IssacNoelIsCutie (Amber Barwick): 0mN3cNnwIH54
Socially Awkward Vs Average Vs Socially Awesome 2: 00IVrjXtZMaI
2 new characters: 0syZl9CvEmWY
Stepney The BB. Engine gets grounded for nothing: 0sne7paJd4Q4
Thomas and Emily spook the Glamorous sisters back: 0ML5JzTB4nPU
My new icon for summer: 0f_tbHMaoMWA
Molly breaks up with Edward/reunites with James: 0MgR2exok3-4
I feed Rachael a positivity potion: 09i5Vg9JjeGc
IsaacNoelIsCutie blows bubblegum/traps her EC: 0gLLr9ENTtak
Thomas and Emily call ReshiramYes BowserNo a ghost: 0qvsHfnh2K3U
Me and Rachael's muscular forms: 0GlFxI6y0Quk
ZoeyAndChaseYes BarneySeason7No blows bubblegum...: 0lLcktPZTZH8
What do you think of this crying scene? #3: 0oe-M89G5MwU
Warning to Panty & Stocking Lover 10000: 0Cnmjt-n4MIo
Strict message to Scrouge!!: 0KlEEV50CgoA
Do you want this to happen? #2: 0LAeupid30ww
6.5 new characters: 0fYrNAzIdS8g
Me and Rachael get new looks for Inside Out: 03wEKHjFewkE
Question for Kiara Billings: 06shzaSgk_20
Mary's swimsuit inflation: 0J9nc5CoAETg
Kiara changes her look for Inside Out: 0L8eO7VGrtgg
6 new characters: 0I5ajVCpQGKQ
Thomas, Arthur, Salty & Harvey call our 3rd baby stupid: 0OSUlSIG4d9g
Trent rants: Thomas & Friends: 0iNH7D31ou1s
Trent rants: Kiara Billings abuse: 05mQLA5QXTsU
Duke fuses with Smudger and gets grounded: 0sPwT88Jl5i0
2 new characters: 0DG7gFfPd2Uc
My secret...: 0dlp16CGXttQ
I inflate Chloe's belly...: 0XB7hy7ri3ko
Me and Rachael Humpharies change our looks for 7/4: 05gojjC5qiqg
12 new characters: 0tNV_ck8kcTI
Hiro calls Spencer a dickhead and gets grounded: 0leMkZWPVpMg
3 new characters: 08K2-UqG5nQI
Me and Rachael Humpharies change our looks for 711: 0oFOYBkUn3ew
Hiro makes fun of me and gets grounded: 0qzm85pcQTYE
My new icon for 7/11: 0V99sTRxl5FY
What's going on here? #3: 0GlxBX1gLbkk
Sam becomes a "vampire slayer" while grounded: 0la0DzBuR1zk
Dark Boomboxer gets grounded for nothing: 0M123kxLiGNM
Sky eats Dark Boomboxer: 0DRVcIVPWJfM
Terence The Tractor gets grounded for nothing: 0KoMqfQScU-U
Evil Sky & Dark Boomboxer have sex in Sky's belly!: 0dk0836paD8U
Percy gets a girlfriend and gets grounded: 0Vxd78JbmJjE
Diesel 10 removes Lady The Magical Engine's face: 0oXbVYBX44FM
Bertie rants on Pokemon and gets grounded: 08JnzdyuocF4
4 new characters: 0b0ANPnB_NAs
DOTD pawns sing Pop Goes The Diesel/grounded: 0yrLMr208ZbA
5 new characters: 0LiQJ9BOHirI
CommanderToad rants on ExoticShadow/grounded: 0axOeFEW-8pE
Whiff molests Disgust and gets grounded: 0OND5SAzbgAs
1 new character: 0rPYJFEA37PA
Jade eats the engines on Youtube: 0kgsJyWXdivI
1 new steamie and 1 new diesel: 0wyr3jFQCwSc
My new look, username and icon for Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure: 0jDGiUxrrka8
Me & Rachael change our looks for Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure UK release: 0LkEZ87P441k
1 new character: 0gcqMvkyyDwY
Dark Boomboxer fattens me, Rachael and Chloe: 0xuhIZGD1XWo
For the engines on Youtube: 0jReipj0XGCk
Dark Boomboxer turns me, Rachael and Chloe giant: 0STw_I-bQgVQ
6 new characters: 0G8yNjqicntA
1 new character: 0odoRRYOqk94
Devious Diesel interrupts me and Thomas's kiss (Sequel): 0k6Iqz5On8j8
Mr. Winkle pisses off Anger and gets grounded: 0yGNeovdOJKw
Kahmunrah scares Fear and gets grounded: 0jEzwy3pvGW0
Steam Team in a nutshell: 0I7_Gko1p-44
Who made Chloe Glamorous a baby?!: 0XcM-Fuz_L90
Butch grounds Mater and gets grounded: 0BCyMiIiEY9Q
4 new characters: 0soz5g8Tzt2o
Ghost Train: The Untold Story of Timothy (Sequel): 0rH6C1Xqv_bo
I revamp my look: 0zntRnVK9ocg
My revamped icon: 0VTFxGNB-nO8
James Hetfield of Metalica: Hell isn't good (Ex): 01DGL7GPN0ng
Donald and Douglas ground Mia and Tia/get grounded: 06_l1CWBd2hc
Thomas annoys Luke to death!: 051uWuXO4nSk
For Kiara Billings: 0-skOS2zFfBo
For TransformersGuy48: 0T3q6s45wvCw
Narrow Gauge Engines in a nutshell: 0n6FgXREZXQI
5 new characters/Grounded series request to TFG48: 0zjhRYn9vyTw
Wilson, Brewster and Koko rant on SiNN3D_tragedy: 0cJUdnLU332s
For Chloe and Kiara: 0yr0klSrljlo
Thomas and Skarloey ground Francesco Bernoulli/grounded: 0AkIR9FHqbt8
D7101 Bear gets grounded for nothing: 0xlZBE91Uy-A
13 new characters: 0iSR7eNJdHAM
For Brony Kamen Lacrosse: 0ZfowPdfeBQ0
2 new characters/2 updated characters: 0_c8ztU92OE8
Diesel 1000's forms: 0Hua5aI_TGdQ
Trent rants: Linus Weber (With Kiara Billings): 0XWPodUe2Xss
Join the war against Linus Weber!!: 04OzuNgvucws
Nice diesels in a nutshell: 09GN-NcBjbpg
Trevor and Fergus get grounded for nothing: 0AMiyq2lLySE
Character request to TransformersGuy48: 0N_OaV0J-U_w
My new icon for September 24th (My birthday): 0s_VkHDVLZpk
Kahmunrah molests the female Cars characters/Grounded: 0TFMFXsjv150
5 good user's new looks for my birthday: 0DoNquKo1fIo
13 new birthday invities/1 revamped birthday invities: 0QZ966B_O8to
2 new characters: 0P_IZUbhIXQ4
I inflate Ellie's belly: 0-KME9R8Diww
Preview for my birthday: 0eqYa2s-EGoU
3 good users' new looks for my b'day/someone's Boyfriend: 0nJruTGmDFGs
Linus apologizes to me, but I kill him anyway!: 0OJp5H1SsL00
My birthday icon for September 24th!: 0kvZE7lmd0Lc
For Chloe Glamorous: 0dL7deJj9ij4
Stupid green one, Stupid black one!: 0oyax2eB07uA
Me and Rachael change our looks: 0cXGUtFuv95g
Kiara's new look: 05IzM94u0C1A
Stupid green one! Stupid black one! (Extended): 0g5Lcj4IMbhs
All stupid green and black ones: 0x6cvZ9tDc58
For TransformersGuy48: 0E1I3dGnVpYU
Connor grounds Doc Hudson and gets grounded: 0eNu5cD9xE34
1 new character: 0Uoo9BYrxo90
6 new characters: 0Y8aG4VlTpFI
1 new character: 02f0AFIIFxFY
Delightful Diesel grounds Devious Diesel/grounded: 09Q46xMcKfSI
I commit suicide: 0zsqD7HwzBuE
Which Kiara is better?: 0OZoLN4xV_HQ
Ryan and Skiff get grounded for nothing: 0hMeIs_jrf84
Redemption message to Kiara: 0tFAlX4N5jes
Kirby Loopsy changes her look/name: 06CvaWjmQnNQ
My deal with Kiara: 0oPBmRpKjifc
Kiara's new look to make up for our dilemma: 0cp9aLDNf2sY
I defeat Kiara's inner dragon: 0uqJZS0wN_XQ
For Oishi The Giant Playbunny: 0LspbSliB2jw
Me and Kiara's interation memorial hall of fame: 0wOw71F1x0RY
Trent rants: Kiara Billings: 08WH5A5DedLQ
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My new icon for Ellie Wharton's birthday: 01dz2ZIlRByw
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Daisy calls my girlfriend a bull and gets grounded: 0uWoA_TECwIE
Captain Chloe The Giantess Vampire Pirate Kitty: 004VtYG0XWeg
What do these characters have in common/difference: 03z9mukADg4o
For Chloe Glamorous The Pirate: 0DvxvCZR3VOs
My new icon if me and Kiara make up for our trouble: 04njbU_0mjRQ
Chloe The Giant Purple Witch: 0fe17-WqNqkA
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Happy Birthday Trent!: 0pTf5at3pyso
Me freeing Delicious Cute's true form: 0YzqPG6Cwkm0
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Who's that sitting in the fish tank?: 0Kx3DTo8ysp8
Question to Ellie Stevenson: 0Fu3XAJ_P5EQ
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The Fat Controller paints James (Sockpuppet) blue: 0wPBiAleo7og
Thomas The Tank Engine family tree: 0MiLJHQKsWgk
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Legal Vs Illegal blueberry gum: 0e5NM1X417vM
Update about user fetish videos (READ DESCRIPTION): 0txXP_T8vxr0
Elvira Loopsy in a nutshell: 0jl9dbh0V8-A
I'm back!: 0zCbYlL6Bnu0
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My new girlfriend!: 0Fy7B-UGBbFw
1 new character: 0jKghCJB3Ngw
Anna and Elsa as big sexy blueberries!: 0Kq9aanXZNEA
Thunderclap makes Michael Rosen drink Thick Cooking Oil: 05I3JmZ5Rauc
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My reaction to non Busines themes retiring!: 0PKudW7Tyi78