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Wikia Fan, how dare you watch The mystical elements!

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This page was created by the now globally blocked user IntellegentATHIEST. It is an animated sci fi/fantasy series that airs on the orange otter network.


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The plot revolves around 6 elemental warriors who call themselves The Mystical Elements, who are trying to defeat demons



Karoshi - green: lightning

Lotarar - red: fire

Sarola - pink: wind

Kellinoha - blue: water

Kabalo: - yellow: earth

colono - black: darkness

Kingisus - mentor

Main Villains

Emperor ronaru - demon leader

Queen narira - demon queen

General raroro - demon general

General eclipser - demon general

Professor protorus- demon monster maker

general tigeron- demon general

general skillerton- demon general

Mutant Demons (Monsters of the Week)



The mystical elements episode 1 rise of elements

The mystical elements episode 2 the eternistaff


When the show originally aired at 6:00pm, parents complained and said that the show was too violent.

They also complained about Ronaru, and said he was too scary for their kids.

Because of these complaints, the show started airing its episodes at 7:30 pm instead.