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Full name

The Septic Lemon Master


14 years, and 10 months


Bubsy, KingKool720, Chrome, Danny, TheFanGuy123, Notsmirks, Momogowi, Lord Pluto, Captain Giratina, Shrek


no one

The Septic Lemon Master (formerly known as Intellegent-ATHIEST) is a popular, and somewhat controversial former GoAnimator. He is known for his unusual GoAnimate videos. Most of his videos are parodies of other GoAnimate videos.

Betraying the Wiki

GoAnimate v3 wiki admins in a nutshell-0

GoAnimate v3 wiki admins in a nutshell-0

IA created a video (seen on your right) that makes fun out of our users of this wiki. This led to Igor to creating a "Revenge Video" called IA Betrays everyone/Grounded and Executed, much to the disapproval of OliverWestern, due to his "two wrongs do not make a right" stance.


IA has recently apologized for his prior actions and has turned over a new leaf... which leads Pingy to make IA Gets Ungrounded.