He Get a Wig (My Way) At a wig shop for geting Suspended for scaring Happy The Happy Birthday Clown


Scary Voice as The Puppet

Duncan as Toy Freddy

Jennifer as Jane The Killer & Spidermom

Amy as Vriska Serket


Toy Freddy: The Puppet how dare you Get Suspended for Scaring Happy The Happy Birthday clown! That's it! I'm Taking you to the Wig shop to Get you a Wig!

The Puppet: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! I don't Want a wig! 

Toy Freddy: Too bad. Your still getting a wig! 

  • They went to a car and drive to wig shop
  • They went Inside in Line with them was Vriska Serket

Vriska Serket: No Spidermom I don't want a Wig! I just wanna go home and play with my friends!

Spidermom: Too Bad, that's what get for killing Gamzee and when get home you go to your room!

Jane The Killer(Voice) The Puppet your Up.

Jane The Killer: The Dresser Is here...

Toy Freddy: Can you Give him a wig for getting suspended for Scaring Happy The Happy Birthday clown?

Jane The Killer: Ok. Here is a pink wig.

  • Jane pust a Pink wig similar to Happy's Hair*

Jane The Killer: How's this?

Toy Freddy: Much Better.

The Puppet: Why Did I get a Wig?

Toy Freddy: Because You scared Happy the Happy birthday clown! You got suspended too, by the way! When we Get home you will go to your box!

Jane The Killer: Thank you come Again!

  • The Next Day*
  • Happy and Duncan Laughed at him*

The Puppet: My life is a misery! (and cries)