The Banana Man 3: The Banana Man's Revenge

The Banana Man 3: The Banana Man's Revenge is a comedy Video Directed and Starred Rod Westheider (Actor from The First Movie) It is a Sequel to The Banana Man and The Banana Man 2: Macho Banana Man and Rod Westheider reprised his role from The First Movie it is for both Jason Marsden and Rowan Blanchard the Video was released on April 19, 2018.

The Banana Man 3


10 Years after The First Movie and 8 Years after The Second Movie The Banana Man The Scary Man and The Soda Kid (Rod Westheider) were all planning to hang out but however they all want to do something different so the 3 started a War and The Scary Man killed them both.


Rod Westheider as The Banana Man/The Scary Man/The Soda Kid


After The Second Video Rod Westheider decided to do a Third Video and came up with the idea of The Banana Man wanted Revenge.


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More Sequels got released by Rod Westheider and it starred Jason Marsden as The Banana Man.

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