Shinji gets grounded
Shinji Gets Grounded cast

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GoAnimate, Gainax


Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley-Soryu, Rei Ayanami, Misato Katsuragi, Gendo Ikari, Yui Ikari, Kaworu Nagisa

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Running time

3-15 minutes

Original run

September 2 - November 14, 2014 (first season)

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Sony Pictures


$40 million

Shinji Gets Grounded (often abbreviated by fans to "SGG") is the debut web series by Youtube user YO YO YO RAP MUSIC AND VIDEO GAMES (a.k.a Phifedawg or WickDood) starring Shinji Ikari from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Each episode ends with Shinji getting grounded by his parents and the NERV staff.

Shinji Gets Grounded has guest starred Bill Cosby, Walter White, Rachel Maddow, Tommy Wiseau and some of the infamous GoAnimate Troublemakers such as Memy9909, Zara and Eric.

The series gained popularity when a screenshot of the first episode was shared by Tumblr page GoAnimateScreencaps, gaining over 1000 notes within 24 hours. The series continues to have strong support from the Tumblr community.

Shinji Gets Grounded has gained a cult following and been described as the best GoAnimate series since Large Father and Small Son. Spinoffs from the series have been created, such as Adventures of Yui Ikari and Starbuck Gets Grounded. Many GoAnimate users have incorporated Shinji into their videos.

In November 2014 a gala premiere was held to celebrate the release of Episode 10: "Shinji Gets Grounded: One More Final". Guests were served expensive champagne at WickDood's apartment.

In January 2015 it was announced that Shinji Gets Grounded was renewed for a second season, and a trailer was released. The second season is currently filming.

Christmas Special


How Shinji and the NERV staff appear in GoAnimate

The Shinji Gets Grounded Christmas Special was released on December 21, 2014. It features many characters from the series. It was produced due to the fan demand following the conclusion of Shinji Gets Grounded. Additional funding ($10 million) for the production was acquired from a sponsorship deal with Hungry Jacks, Coca-Cola and Starbucks.


The final episode caused a lot of controversy when it was delayed for 2 months due to the budget running out. An additional $10 million funding was obtained through a sponsorship deal with Monster Energy Drink.

The series has also attracted haters who post messages such as "DON'T ****ING MAKE A GROUNDED VIDEO OUT OF SHINJI." This started the conflict with Kaworu Sakurada and his brother which has continued throughout the series.

At the video game tournament Southern Cross Championships 2014 a combo video was shown that included Shinji at the end. Yui Ikari grounded him for making a combo video from anime games. This video caused a lot of controversy because the in-jokes were not understood by the audience and GoAnimate has been banned from future Fighting Game Community events.

Shinji monks

Shinji trains with Shaolin Monks during the second season

Home Video Release

On December 2, 2014 Studio Khara announced that Neon Genesis Evangelion and End of Evangelion will be released on blu-ray, and Shinji Gets Grounded will be included. The bonus episode "Adventures of Yui Ikari" will also be part of the collection.

An alternate cut of Episode 10 was created, due to Youtube blocking the original version in certain countries including Australia. This is the official VHS version, the differences are mainly in the introduction and music.

Differences from Neon Genesis Evangelion

The canon of Shinji Gets Grounded differs from the original Evangelion series and Rebuild movies.

  • Shinji's mother Yui is alive and working at NERV
  • Misato is the teacher of Shinji's class
  • Mari only appears in the final episode and Christmas special
  • Third Impact occurs during the first episode, but the series continues anyway
  • Asuka wears an eyepatch
  • Rei wears her school uniform from the alternate reality of Episode 26
  • The Human Instrumentality Project is replaced with the Human Grounding Project
  • In the second season Shinji's personality changes a lot. He is now destroying buildings and killing people



Original Airdate Summary Production Code
Shinji initiates third impact and gets grounded September 2, 2014 Shinji is forced to pilot the Eva and gets mad, causing the third impact. 101
Shinji breaks the fourth wall and gets grounded September 3, 2014 Shinji gets unfairly grounded, making him mad enough to open the Chamber of Guf and break the fourth wall. 102
Shinji makes a new friend and gets grounded September 4, 2014 Shinji befriends the angel Ramiel instead of destroying it 103
Evangelion school behavior cards (Shinji gets super-grounded) September 5, 2014

Misato hands out behavior cards to the students, Shinji gets dead meat.

Shinji finds a part time job and gets grounded September 6, 2014 Shinji and Toji go into business cooking crystal meth. 105
Asuka Misbehaves at McDonalds and Shinji gets Grounded September 8, 2014 Asuka destroys McDonalds but Shinji takes the blame. 106
Shinji Visits Rei and gets Grounded September 9, 2014 Shinji and Rei find themselves in an embarrassing situation. 107
Shinji Cops the Red Octobers, breaks Misato's legs and gets Grounded September 12, 2014 Shinji obtains some rare sneakers but they are not what they seem. 108
Shinji Transforms NERV into Krispy Kreme and gets Grounded September 13, 2014 Shinji's scheme to turn NERV into Krispy Kreme backfires in a tragic way. 109
Shinji Gets Grounded: One More Final November 14, 2014 NERV's ultimate plan is revealed and Shinji has a tough decision to make. 110
Shinji Gets Grounded - Christmas Special December 21, 2014 Shinji presents a Christmas story. N/A
Shinji Gets Grounded - Christmas Special Epilogue December 27, 2014 N/A
Shinji gets the Kim Kardashian Error December 30, 2014 An error threatens the NERV school, Shinji and Misato have 3 chances. 201
Shinji plays Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus, gets Grounded January 7, 2015 A weird video game causes Shinji's personality to change. 202
A Siege at McDonalds and Shinji gets Grounded 500 Years January 12, 2015 A trip to McDonalds turns into a deadly siege. 203
Shinji gets Married, Grounded and sent to the 36 Chambers March 3, 2015 Gay marriage is now legal but Shinji doesn't want to get married. 204
Shinji Takes Care of Business March 3, 2015 A mini-episode that ties up a loose end. 204a