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Created by Igor and Sade


Renko and Sade go to a date, but sadly confront homophobic people, but Bubsy and IA Save Renko and Sade.


  • Princess as Sade
  • Jennifer as Renko Usami

Paul as Igor the Mii

Young Guy as IA

Brian as Bubsy

Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya

Lawrence as Laughing Jack


Renko: "Sade..."

Sade: "Yes?"

Renko: "Should we go to a date...?"

Sade: "Okay...."

Sade: Do Want to go to the Movie to see Avengers: Age of Ultron? I Heard It a Good Movie

Renko: Ok...

(They Walked To The Movies, when Inside)

Random Guy: What Movie Would Like To See?

Sade:  Avengers: Age of Ultron Please

Random Guy: Here are your tickets

(She Gave him the Money And They got the Tickets)

Random Guy: Ok Injoy your Movie

(They When To inside Movie Theater)

Renko: I Hope This movie is Good

Sade: It Will Be

(After The Movies)

Sade: Let go to A Fancy Restaurant

Renko: Ok

(When Inside The Restaurant)

(They sit on chairs.)

Sade: Oh Renko.... I Love You

Renko: Sade I love you Too

Sade: Should We Kiss?

Renko: Yes...

(There Where About to kiss but they're stopped By Laughing Jack, Sade Ex-boyfriend.)

Laughing Jack: What the Hell Where About to do? Sade?

Sade: Laughing Jack?! I though you Were a Working Trying Trick Kids To Friend You In The End You Kill them....

Renko: What?! Does He do that?!

Sade: Yes He Do He Did that many time when I Was Dating Him He Even Kills them in his Abandoned Carnival and He Has many of Dead kids In his Carnival One Time He Lure A Kid From a Chuck E.Cheese's And He killed That Kid I Was Shocked And Scared...I Was scared He Would kill me If I broke Up with him...But One day I Stand up And Was going to break Up With Him Until He Cheated on me with a girl By Name of Laughing Jill!!! So I Broke Up With Him So Jack What are doing here?

Laughing Jack: I Was at A date With My Girlfriend But I saw you with this Girl What Her Name?

Sade: Her Name is Renko... She my Girlfriend...

Laughing Jack: Wait Your Girl Friend!!?? Wait Your Dating!?

Sade: Why? Yes, We are.


Igor: "Is that a big deal? I did create this and i'm not homophobic anymore, i'm nerutal to LGBT Now, so i created this."

Laughing Jack: Well It Cause I Miss Sade And Laughing Jill Is No good for me She always B@#ch And Whine About Everything And Stuff to

Laughing Jill: Hey!!!!

Laughing Jack: Beside There Going to Hell for Being Gay

Sade: What The F@#k Did you Say?

Laughing Jack: I Said Your gay so will Go Hell Cause it Adam And Eve Not Eve and......... What ever a girl's Name is....

(Sade Wanted To Kick her Ex's a## But Was Stopped by Her lover Renko)


Renko: No Sade Don't do it

Igor: well God Loves Everyone That Mean the The LGBT People

Laughing Jack: What ever Sade A Flaming F@##

(Sade Wanted Still Kill Him But Was stopped by her Girlfriend Renko)

Renko: He Just Making you Mad Sade