Sade Was Walking home From A Party when She Stop to See a Blood Moon But She Was Cursed By a Witch that Every Blood Moon or when She get really Hungry That Her Clothles Will Change color She Will Hungry for Blood and She Become A Cannibal and eat anyone who Dare tries to Stand her ways when she seen that Moon She Felt stange She Stared to change into a her Cannibal Form So her Cannibal Self was Free and now she could go on a Cannibalism Spree.... It Up to Her Friends and Boyfriends to Stop Her!!


Kayla As Sophie

Princess As Sade&Cannibal Sade

Eric As IA

Paul As Hoodie

Zack/David/EG As Masky

Young Guy as Bruce


[Showing Sade walking home from A party]

[She stop to see the Blood Moon]

Sade: Wow The Blood Moon sure is Awesome.... Funny I Feel like Ugggghhhhhh!!!!!! WHAT HAPPING TO ME?! (Crying)  That Witch cursed me!!

(Only Show Her in Black and Blood  Red Clothles and gloves Also Blood Red gloves)

Cannibal Sade: (Laughing) Now I'm in the Mood for Flesh (Runs)