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Preston Evergreen
Preston Evergreen.jpg

How he originally appears in his show.


March 7th




Entertainment, Honey, Helping his grandfather, jokes, inventions, Sophie the Otter, SpongeBob, Nintendo, cartoons


Rule 34, Packbat, Gatorpossum, disgusting things, Barney, Igorphie, Dora, Mr. Pickles


Igor, Sophie, PB&J, James, Info-Chan, Patchouli, Pingy, OliverWestern, Sanae Kochiya, Renko, Rusty Wildwood, Grover Chestnut, and others


Packbat, Gatorpossum, Barney, Dora, Charity Brooklyn, Sky


David, Jacob Ewaniuk (non-GoAnimate voice)

Preston Evergreen is an 8-year-old bear cub who is the son of Forrest and Honeysuckle Evergreen. He originally appeared in the 1987 DiC Cartoon Sylvanian Families. He is considered to be Sophie the Otter's boyfriend. He is voiced by Jacob Ewaniuk in any non-GoAnimate fanworks, as his original actor, Michael Fantini, grew up.


Preston was born on March 7 in the Sylvanian Forest. He lived there all his life. In school, he is considered to be the class clown, which suggests his occasional jokes that he makes to Sophie and the others. At home, he usually helps his grandfather Ernest build inventions.


Preston is a gray bear with a lighter gray muzzle, a pink nose, and a tuft of hair. He wears a white and dark turquoise T-shirt and navy blue shorts.


Preston is good-hearted, willing, and able to help. He has a good sense of humor, which would however sometimes get him into bad situations. From Sophie's POV, he is seen as somewhat of an annoying younger sibling figure.


  • Preston has been said to have a mental condition, but it is currently unknown.
  • His Pokémon form is a Teddiursa.