Plot Edit

Pablo from The Backyardigans meets a dead Ghost Alicorn(but looks Like a Unicorn she got Small wings) She Told who is she And they talk about Her Sister Sade about Personal thing like When her Sister young she Used love Pablo They talked until they when They decided to Walk out of Derpy Bunny's Party Sadie Gave Pablo Some Brownies But it Had Pot in to he Eat One and got high and Dance until She Gave him Ecstasy He Take some and he started to Feel like Umm Doing it with her they go back to Pablo House and Did it at His Parent's Bed room and when He Woke up he seen her in her room slapped her She woke Up and she Seen Pablo Until They hear a Knock It Was His Parent's So She Hide and His Father told Him Why He smell like death. And He lied Saying he was Sweating cause had A Nightmare His father could still

Cast Edit

Kimberly as Pablo

Irish Voice  and Elizabeth as Sadie

Alan As Victor(Pablo's Dad)

Grace As Grace(Pablo's Mom)

 Zack/David/Evil Genius as Barren

Princess As Sade The Hedgehog

Kidaroo as Derpy Bunny

Scary Voice as Horny the Clown

And More


Pablo : Wow Derpy Party Is Awesome

(A Undead Ghost Alicorn Walk By him and He Smelled The scent of Death and Pot)

Pablo: Hey you!!!

(She turn Around to See Him)

Pablo: yeah you Why Do Smell like Death and weed?

Sadie: Tá sé Cause Tá mé marbh..

Pablo: What Are you saying?

Sadie: There My voice Change to Elizabeth So I can tell you why: It Cause I'm dead

Pablo: Really?

Sadie: Yes

Pablo: If Your Dead then how come a Can ummm Eat your and smoke Weed...

Sadie: Well It a Long story

Pablo: I have all day

(30 min later)

Pablo Wow your a Kinda Dead

Sadie: Yes....