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Michael UTTP (MichaelComedian 1990) is a bad user who makes videos out of AGK Makers and Good Users. He subscribed some AGK Makers and Good Users Channel, But later, Unsubscribe them, and become a Bad User. His account was suspended on June 2015.

First, He was a Good User, then he became a Bad User.

After his account got suspended, He created his GoAnimate account to make Killing Videos out of Good Users. He Post this videos on Google+.


Info Date of Birth: March 9

Age: 17

Contry of origin: U.S.A.

Voice on GoAnimate: Paul

Gender: Male

Likes: Bad Users, Doctor Who, Killing Videos, UTTP, and Team Fortress 2

Dislikes: Good Users, AGK Makers, VGCP, Erika Dawson, Annabelle Dawson, Stephanie gets grounded videos, and Minecraft


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