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Created by Igor and Cody


Lumpy Slices Off Toothy's Hand and he gets grounded then arrested for it.


Paul as Igor and Adult!2014 Igor

Diesel as Lumpy

Princess as Adult!Shauna and Reimu Hakurei

Eric as John, Cody and Carkle

Young Guy as Pingy and James

Sali as Toothy


Lumpy: "I'm going to Slice Toothy's Hand off!"

(He runs to Toothy's house)

Lumpy: "Toothy I am gonna slice your hand off!"

Toothy: "No!"X12

(Lumpy grabs a knife and slices Toothy's hand off)

Toothy: "Waa!" x10

(Shauna is seen and Toothy's hand goes over her, and she gets shocked)

Shauna: Oh my god, a hand hit over me that was purple. It must be Toothy's. I will call Igor and Cody

Shauna: (on phone) "Hello? Lumpy sliced Toothy's hand off."

(Scene goes to Cody, John, Clarkie, Igor, James, Pingy, and Reimu Hakurei at the headquarters)

Cody: "Uh oh."

Igor: "Yeah.. We need to call to call Lumpy's parents parents and 911"

Igor: "Hello 911, Lumpy sliced off Toothy's hand. Arrest him, and Lumpy's parents, ground Lumpy."

Lumpy'S Dad: "You are grounded, and you are gonna go to Jail."

Lumpy's Mom: "Don't escape either."

(Scene goes to Lumpy in jail and he is sad,)

Lumpy: "Aw man, I am in jail"