This is a video made by Curiousgorge66.


  • Eric as Curiousgorge66, Eric Gavin and Kuulboo
  • David as PaperPizza and Markiplier
  • Kayla as Sophie
  • Diesel as Novazoid and Macusoper's Dad
  • Kidaroo as Police Officer and Macusoper
  • Paul as Igor the Mii
  • Kimberly as Novazoid's Mom
  • Wiseguy as Judge
  • Brian as Good Warren Cook


Kuulboo, Macusoper and Novazoid get arrested for killing PB&J.


Kuulboo: Hey guys!

Macusoper: What? I'd want to know!

Novazoid: Let's kill PB&J Otter!

Macusoper: Good idea!

(cut to Kuulboo, Macusoper, and Novazoid entering Lake Hoohaw)

Macusoper: HA (x50)! Prepare to die!

(Macusoper shoots Peanut Otter)

Kuulboo: Hey, you! Die!

(Kuulboo shoots Butter Otter)

Novazoid: Prepare to die!

(Novazoid shoots Jelly Otter)

Kuulboo: We did it!

Macusoper: We killed PB&J Otter!

Novazoid: Oh no! We didn't kill Sophie! We're going to get in a lot of trouble!

(cut to Markiplier entering Lake Hoohaw)

Markiplier: What a mess of blood! What happened?

(Markiplier enters the houseboat)

Markiplier: Oh no! PB&J Otter is dead! (angry) Kuulboo, Macusoper, and Novazoid, how dare you kill PB&J Otter!

Sophie: Did I just hear what I thought I heard?

(Sophie enters the houseboat and gets shocked)

Sophie: No (x50)! My cousins are dead! (angry) Wait! I found the killers!

Markiplier: Should I call their parents or the cops?

Sophie: Call their parents first!

(at Kuulboo's house)

Igor: Kuulboo! How dare you kill PB&J Otter! That's it! You're grounded (x5) for life!

(at Novazoid's house)

Novazoid's Mom: Novazoid! How dare you kill PB&J Otter! That's it! You're grounded (x5) for life!

(at Macusoper's house)

Macusoper's Dad: Macusoper! How dare you kill PB&J Otter! It's bad enough that you turn them into different animals but to kill them is something that cannot be reversed! That's it! You're grounded (x5) for life! Now I'll call the cops!

(back at the houseboat)

Police Officer: Novazoid, Kuulboo, and Macusoper! You are under arrest for killing PB&J Otter! Let's go to court!

(at the courthouse)

Judge: OK, so what do you plead?

Novazoid: Not guilty.

Macusoper: Not guilty.

Kuulboo: Not guilty.

Curiousgorge66: Wrong! They are extremely guilty for murder!

Judge: What is the verdict?

Curiousgorge66: Guilty!

Good Warren Cook: Guilty!

Sophie: Guilty!

Igor: Guilty!

Eric Gavin: Guilty!

Judge: The jury finds all of you guilty for murder! You are sentenced to life in prison!

Police Officer: Macusoper, Kuulboo, and Novazoid! Let's take all three of you to jail!

(cut to Macusoper, Kuulboo and Novazoid in jail)

Police Officer: This is your cell! You will stay there for life!

Macusoper: What will be worse than this?