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KingKool720 himself


Igor, Sophie (Best), TGB1 (Best), Carkle, Oliverwestern, Chrome, James, IA, Bubsy, and other good users and non-siders


"Me and the other park characters get paid $2 to do this. The president won't be happy if we ask for a raise."
—Him in GoAnimateLand

KingKool720 is a Wikia user, and former "bad user". He damaged the GoAnimate Extended beyond repair as his alter ego, Novazoid. He also forced Chrome to help him out. This occured because he was forced to do so.


Name: keykey

Born: yes

Real Apology

Recently, KK apoloogized for real, explaining that he needed to vent because his friends once betrayed him.

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"How can you explain this?"

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