James' Lake Hoohaw Adventure is a movie made by James The Animator. It is produced by Legend Killer Productions.


James' day is going normally. But then, while he was using the bathroom, he discovers a secret passage. The passage takes him to Sophie's hometown, Lake Hoohaw.


  • Young Guy as James, Sonic, BLU Scout
  • Kayla as Sophie, Jelly, and Shauna
  • Paul as Igor and King Kool
  • Eric as John
  • Julie as MC Adore
  • Kate as Princess Zelda
  • David as Pac-Man
  • Brian as Mega Man, Robert, Mordecai Peterson
  • Dallas as BLU Soldier and BLU Engineer
  • Diesel as BLU Pyro
  • Alan as BLU Demoman and BLU Sniper
  • Wise Guy as BLU Heavy
  • French Fry as BLU Medic and BLU Spy
  • Jennifer as James' Mom
  • Kimberly as Peanut
  • Shy Girl as Baby Butter


(James wakes up in his house. James then goes on his laptop to check on the wiki. James then goes to take a shower. After his shower, James gets ready for school, eats breakfast, and watches TV. James' mother then drives him across the street to catch the bus.)

James' Mom: Bye, honey!

James: Bye, Mom!

(James then gets on the bus. The bus goes to school. James then runs into Social Studies.)

James: First student in the room!

(Various moments from his day are shown. James then takes the bus back home. James arrives at the front door.)

James: Honey, I'm home!

James' Mom: Welcome home, sweetie! Make sure to take your shoes off at the door and wash your hands!

James: Okay!

(James takes off his shoes. He then goes to the bathroom.)

(James suddenly hears noise.)

James: Huh? What was that?

(James looks around the bathroom. He cannot find anything.)

James: Oh well!

(James hears the noise again.)

James: Where is that noise coming from?

(James then finds a flapping piece of molding.)

James: What's up with that?

(James sticks his hand where the molding is supposed to be. Suddenly, his hand disappears.)


(James sticks his head in there. Within moments, he finds himself in a strange dungeon, with brick walls to the side and torches mounted.)

James: Haha! Cool!

(James continues to walk around in the dungeon. Eventually, though, it all turns dark.)

James: It's a little dark in here-

(James bumps into two objects.)

James: Ow!

(James feels the objects. They are shaped like a lever and a mining cart.)

James: I'm gonna take a ride in this thing!

(James leaps in the cart. He hears the noise of a yowling cat.)

James: Oh no! Sorry, buddy!

(An angry cat leaps out of the cart and races into the darkness.)

James: Now what does the lever do?

(James pulls the lever. The cart is suddenly propelled very fast.)

James: WHOAH!

(The cart goes up and down a few hills. Eventually, it reaches a stopping point.)

James: Wow! THAT was a wild ride!

(James walks around in a tunnel-like structure. He finds light in a part of the roof.)

James: Where does this lead?

(James pokes his head through the hole. He then sees the sights and surroundings of Lake Hoohaw.)

James: Oh my...

???: Hey! Look who came to visit!

(James sees Sophie walk up to him.)

James: Hi Sophie!

Sophie: Hi James!

James: Apparently, there's a hole in my bathroom's molding which leads to Lake Hoohaw. It's very strange...



  • Pepperland - George Martin (James' everyday life)
  • Magicians - Tim Garratt (James exploring the mines)