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Igor the Mii
Screen Capture -057


Igor the Mii



Fictional Crushes

Patchouli Knowledge
Pippi Osu
Sanae Kochiya

Wiki Debut

19th June 2014

Current Status



Paul (English Voice)
Felipe (Brazilian Voice)



TF2 Class on GoFortress


File:Screen Capture -128.png
File:James' Version of Igor the Mii.jpg

Igor the Mii is a 14-year old male Mii. He is friends with Sophie the Otter and many others.


Likes: Anything good, Pokémon, Nintendo, GoAnimate, Few Baby Shows (PB&J Otter, Caillou, Peppa Pig and Handy Manny), Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Touhou, Yandere Simulator

Dislikes: Anything bad, Books, Autism Therapy (He says it wastes too much time from his life), Shrek

Friends: Sophie, IA, Carkle, Oliverwestern, Deniz, James, Jamiem, Pingy, MarioLeopoldSam Roblox, TGB1 and RobbiePwns.

Enemies: Shrek

Username History

He started out once as Igor0the0mii2, with the spaces as zeros and a two at the end of his username. Later, he contacted Wikia so they could change his name into Igor the Mii, replacing the zeros as simple spaces and removed the two at the end from his old username, TheFanguy123 (presumed and possible).


"Ayoo/Ey/Hi <USER>!"  when somebody joins.

"EY CHROME!" When Chrome joins.

"Have you seen Shauna or MC Adore anywhere?" -On RP.

"Rayman DLC When? Knuckles DLC When?" -When talking of SSB4 DLCS

"Wait WHAT?" When Confused.

"Inb4 Freddy/Toy Freddy Kidnaps Shauna/MC Adore" Refers to His HeadCanon of Freddy Fazbear and Toy Freddy

"Wut?" Also When Confused.

"Hurr Durr...<insert sentence here>"  "Hurr Durr" is one of his igor's most used catchphrases.


Aside from Being a Gamer and GoAnimate V3 Wiki Admin, He is also a Developer on RPG Maker VX Ace and a Animator on Garry's Mod.


Igor has a lot of waifus. He is the man who made waifus popular. He feels very strongly about their well-being. He took it VERY seriously when KK joked about his waifus (and epsecailly Mordecai P).

This was led to himself be called "The Waifu Prince"...This changed on August, He dosen't really care for his "waifus", and the large amount of waifus is just "All total waifus, not All current waifus."

Yandere Simulator

There is a chance that Igor is the first user to ever do a Crossover of GoAnimate and Yandere Simulator.


Igor the Mii
Gender: Male
Interest(s): Gaming
Species: Mii
Color: Orange
Relatives: His Friends?
Episode Count: Too many to count
Friends/Allies: Sophie, Renko, Carkle, John, PB&J
Enemies/Rivals: Gackt, FeelAndBeTanasinn
Love Interest(s): Sanae
Kill Count: 10-20 (Mostly Off-screen.)
Deaths: 1 (He was killed on Mima Kills Igor and gets Arrested, but he was been revived Later.)  ???
First Victim: Gligar13Vids From Gligar13Vids Gets Grounded
First Death: Mima Kills Igor and gets Arrested
Voice Actor/Actress: Paul


  • If you think that Igor purchased Gmod, he downloaded a pirated copy of the game on Torrent.
  • He was Homophobic, but he now likes LGBT, even shipping Sanae with Reimu.

List of RP Accounts

  • MC Adore (globballed thanks to KK and Chrome having acess to it)
  • Yandere-Chan
  • Mima