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Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi in Comedy World form.




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Zion Mathis VGCP


Rockwood TN

Date Of Birth

May 22, 2004

Haruhi Suzumiya is a Anime Character that Kirby Loopsy Depises.

She is also the Subject of Grounded Videos for Some Reason.


Pre-GoAnimate career

Before she joined GoAnimate, she made a lot of playing her Happy Meal toys, some of her dancing hobbies related to Vocaloid, fan voice acting, singing videos misheard lyrics And mostly watching TV. (known as soramimi, 空耳, literally "empty ear") videos on her YouTube channel. Even after joining GoAnimate, she continued to make those videos, except for misheard lyrics videos.

GoAnimate career

At the time when she was joined on GoAnimate on (October 12, 2014), she made a first GoAnimate video. She was a big fan of TheColossalD to inspire one of his videos and tried to help with her. Back then, she was nice and calm to meet well-behaved users However, within her continuous depression from the past since April 2015 of seeing meaningful comments on YouTube and user videos out of her speculating beyond the likeness of Strawberry Shortcake and hatred to SML (during as her active GoAnimator), Haruhi emotionally made a message video onto YouTube – on January 15, 2016. She emotionally stated that about her past times during her GoAnimate career about during the "hate" war against her due to being an "opinion disrespector" towards Strawberry Shortcake and SML by her friends in the summer of 2015.

Post-GoAnimate career

As of 2020. She cosplays, draws and makes stories on Instagram. Runs a few vocaloid roleplay servers and actively roleplays in them. For more information. Scroll to the section of "Where is she now?"

In the GoAnimate Realm


Haruhi was one of the victims of Shauna and Hatsune Miku.