The Guardians Of The Brick Universe A.K.A The Sacred Villains are a group of super powered heroes created by IA, Lord Pluto, Bubsy, and Captain Giratina, they protect brick world from the sacred heroes and the guardians of the smash universe. long ago they used to be smash guardians, but once they found out that the smash guardians harmed other planets, they rebelled against them, but they failed to defeat the smash guardians and they were turned into stone, 67 million years later, they were turned back to normal by IA, now they protect brick world and it's artifact, the forsaken heart.

IA- created the group and 2 heroes

Captain Giratina- created 1 hero

Lord Pluto- created 1 hero

Bubsy- created the forsaken heart


Sacred Death

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sacred death was the first brick guardian, he is a strong noble warrior who fights with honor, and always gives his enemies a fair chance to fight back.

abilities: death can temporarily summon undead warriors, he can also posess people and he can shoot lasers out of his sword.

weakness: silver

creator: IA

Sacred Forest

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Sacred forest is the only female brick guardian, she is a kind ninja, and she cares about the earth, however, sometimes she cares to much about the earth.

abilities: forest can control every plant on earth

weakness: fire

creator: IA

Sacred beast

sacred beast, is an innocent, and sometimes naive hero

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abilities: he can turn into any animal that has ever existed.

weakness: crosses

creator: lord pluto

Sacred Sky

sacred sky is a young, fun loving hero, he is the youngest brick guardian, and he is the only one the wasn't turned into stone, he joined the brick guardians because the sacred heroes were jerks.

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abilities: he can fly, and he can control gravity

weakness: cold temperatures

creator: captain giratina