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Created by IA (note: this episode takes place 5 years after the last movie, this is NOT temporary this is a permenant change. Igor had Lampshaded that.)


After 5 years of being separated, the GoGang finally reunites in Shrekland. Besides their ages and appearances, everyone is relatively the same, besides Igor (who's girlfriend is now Sanae Kochiya), James (who's girlfriend is now Mai), and IA, who now has a son...he had a son (the mother is unknown). Everyone is having fun except Zack (IA's son). Zack starts throwing a tantrum, so he gets sent to the Detention Area of Shrekland. He reacts like a normal person and steals the Almighty Onion, an onion that can control people. Now, the GoGang must stop Zack and ground him!


eric as IA and Carole

(voice forge) Justin as zack

kayla as Sophie

paul as Igor and chrome

David as king kool

Young Guy as James

Diesel as shrek

Brian as Mordecai Peterson

Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya


narrator: 5 years ago, the GoGang members separated from one another after the brutal martial arts tournament!, today they will reunite and face an unlikely threat

Igor: [Off Screen] "But during these 5 Years, we're still Along on other Videos."

Narrator: "SHUT THE F*CK UP!"

Igor: "Okay..Okay..."

(title of epusode appears)

(chrome sophie, and Igor are at an airport)

igor: where's KK?

chrome: probably high on some shrekstacy!

(KK and Carkle run towards them)

KK: hey guys it's nice to see ya again!

carkle: OK?

(everyone laughs)

igor: where's IA?

KK: dunno

(IA arrives holding a kid)

chrome: WOAH! IA your tall! I though i was gonna be the tall one!

IA: hahahahahaha! Chrome, you know your never gonna be tall!

chrome: y u do dis?

igor: hey IA! Whose that kid? Are you babysittin?

IA: NOPE! He's my son.

Mordecai: Oh..... I thought you were a babysitter..... Wait.what?

Igor: "Also, I got a New Girlfriend, Her name is Sanae Kochiya."