GoAnimate perang turnamen tukang pencak seni kuat donya (GoAnimate battles of the world's strongest martial arts tournament) is a game created by IA, it is based on GoGang: martial arts tournament.


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perang turnamen tukang pencak seni kuat donya is a martial arts tournament held every 30 years, this year, the GoGang has been invited, they fight there way through the first few rounds, until IA, bubsy, chrome, deniz TheFanguy123, blackbeard, frieza, madara and yakron (a character that's exclusive to the game) are left, however for the last few rounds, KILLING is allowed, and the first casualty is deniz, who is killed by the demon, yakron. after seeing the brutality that took place during deniz's final moments, everyone forfits, except IA, who faces off against yakron in the final match, IA fights yakron, yakron even goes into his 100% power form (a muscular version of his normal form), IA kills yakron, and avenges deniz!


Bubsy Bobcat vs batman

son goku vs monkey D. luffy

IA vs green goblin

mai shiranui vs palutena

yakron vs mai shiranui

chrome vs spider man

Thefanguy123 vs sonic

shasow the hedgehog vs pingy anamatronic

igor vs foxy

yakron vs igor

madara vs shadow the hedgehog

buggy vs electro

satan vs goku

frieza vs satan

IA vs carkle

bart sampson vs sophie

deniz vs smirks

IA vs cell

chrome vs nigel farge

IA vs kim jong un

bubsy vs karl marx

yakron vs deniz

IA vs yakron


Basic mechanics

the game is a 2d fighter, charcters have 4 standard attacks, a heavy punch, a light punch, a wepon attack, and a small energy attack. matches are only 1 round long, but each character has 3 health bars.

Energy bar

each charcter has an energy bar the fills up if they hit an opponent, or if they charge up there energy, (they can't do anything while they are charging up there energy), the energy bar allows the player to preform super attacks, transform (more on that later), and preform a hyper attack when the energy bar is filled up completely.


when a character's energy bar has energy in it (even a bit), they can tansform, when they are transformed, they are stronger, faster and they can preform stronger versions of there super attacks, however they transform back to there normal form when there energy bar is empty, however the player can transform back to normal at any time they want to save energy.


by beating opponents in story mode, beating arcade mode, beat a challenge in challenge mode, obtaining a new high score on time attack mode or survival mode, or beating the challenge of 10, 50, or 100 fighters you can earn money whitch you can use in the shop to unlock characters, images, videos or upgrades


in the shop you can by upgrades, these upgrades can make a character stronger, faster, tougher, or they can add an extra health bar, you add them by going into the custom mode, if you don't want to play with upgrades, you can switch a character to there default mode at anytime.


IA (base, super saiyan)

bubsy (base, humanoid bobcat)

sophie (base, kangaroo form)


pingy (base, phantom anamatronic)

mai shiranui


goku (base, super saiyan god 2)

frieza (base, final form)

cell (base, perfect form)

monkey d. luffy (base, 3rd gear)


foxy (base, phantom anamatronic)

kim jong un

nigel farage

oliverwestern (base, ranger form)


bart sampson (base, butterfinger form)

TheFanguy123 (base, thefrickguy123)

smirks (base, notsmirks)



madara (base, susanoo)

narito (base, nine tails)

shadow the hedgehog (base, super shadow)

batman (base, yellow lantern)

green goblin

yakron (base, 100% power)


Gameplay modes




challenge (each character has 20 challenges)

time attack (you have unlimited energy and health see how many enemies you can beat in 5 minutes)

survival (see how many enemies you can beat before you die)

the challenge of 10 fighters (can you beat all 10 fighters?)

the challenge of 50 fighters (can you beat all 50 fighters)

the challenge of 100 fighters (can you beat all 100 fighters)