The GoAnimate Trading Card Game (GATCG) was a game created by Hasbro in 2006 to cash in on the popularity of GoAnimate: The Movie and the GoAnimate video game.

In this game players can battle each other with a deck of 66 cards. Cards are usually obtained through starter decks, booster packs and special events. Players often trade cards with each other, or rob other players and steal their cards.

The object of the game is to 'ground' all your opponent's characters until they have no players left on the field. Certain powerful characters like PC Guy have a high Authority rating which allows them to ground almost everyone in the game.

Character cards usually fall into one of 3 categories:

  • Parent type (strong against troublemaker, weak to good guy)
  • Troublemaker type (strong against good guy, weak against parent)
  • Good guy type (strong against parent, weak against troublemaker)

Some cards have abilities which create strong combinations, such as 'Large Father' and 'Small Son' which give each other a large boost when they are together on the field. 

There are other kinds of cards, such as "behavior cards" which can boost your own characters or cause damage to your opponent.

The fever for GATCG was so strong that a rare foil Adrianna (Gooy guy) card sold for $11,000 at auction in December 2006.

The first GATCG World Championship was held on March 11, 2007. Justin Wong from the United States claimed the trophy, defeating the top players from Japan, Brazil and Honduras in the final rounds.

In August 2007 the second series of GoAnimate cards was released. This expanded the total number of cards to 303. The tagline for this expansion was "More Grounded Than Ever Before".

In February 2008 Hasbro ran a competition where users could submit their own characters to a website and enter a contest to become an official card. Over 5 million people entered and the servers were crashed.

In July 2008 the third expansion was released. A television commercial was made to promote the game, featuring rapper Ludacris and Kanye West playing GATCG in a club. In the commercial, Lloyd Banks is presented with a black behavior card and says " I have another chance?" while Ludacris and Kanye yell at him "You are GROUNDED!" The tagline was "Go Straight to Bed Now".

In November 2014, just one month before their deaths, Udo Jürgens and Joe Cocker made both a promotion.