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GoAnimate RPG 2 is the sequel to GoAnimate RPG. Instead of Igor, it features GoAnimateYesGroundedNo (Called GYGN due to length of name, and Igor later appears as the secondary protagonist). The game is currently being worked on by Igor the Mii, thanks to program crashes from trying to make dungeons. In the first version, BoyInCharge55 would give ideas for what to be included.


Everyone is disrespecting opinions, and trolls are appearing everywhere. It is up to several users to stop them and find who is behind the opinion disrespecting mess.

Party Members


Obtained: On start of game

Class: Dual Warrior

Igor the Mii

Obtained: After defeating Bloom Luna (Reaching GoCity)

Class: Soldier


Obtained: After defeating Yandere-Chan (Clearing GoCity)

Class: Spellblade

Patchouli Knowledge

Obtained: After defeating Yandere-Chan (Clearing GoCity)

Class: Priestess

Marisa Kirisame

Obtained: After defeating Mima (Clearing Gensokyo)

Class: Witch

Lord Pluto

Obtained: After defeating Bossbot CEO (Clearing Toontown)

Class: Samurai

Alex Kimble

Obtained: After beating Olaf and Princess Matilda (Clearing Stock World)

Class: Monk

Preston Evergreen

Obtained: After beating Olaf and Princess Matilda (Clearing Stock World)

Pingy Animatronic

Obtained: On front of Lumpkin's Maze


Obtained: Halfway though Lumpkin's Maze

Class: Warrior


  • Trollface
  • Overgrown Flower
  • Undead Flash Goomba
  • Youkai Flower
  • Skelecog
  • Ice Wizard
  • Ice Elemental
  • Maze Zombie
  • Maze Puppet


  • Bloom Luna
  • Yandere-Chan
  • Mima
  • Screamer (Mini-Boss before Toontown)
  • Bossbot CEO
  • Olaf and Princess Matilda
  • Lumpkin
  • Eric (Secret boss, found by obtaining all 5 Star of GoAnimate pieces scattered across the world after defeating Caleb the Animator)


  • Interwebs
  • GoCity
  • Gensokyo
  • Toontown
  • Stock World

Gallery (Warning: Spoilers!)