This is a list of our administrators, if you need help it is best to talk to them or Wikia Staff if it is a serious matter not solvable by us.

To reach the current rank, you will have to make the following number of edits:

Rank Required edits
Bureaucrat 2,000 edits
Admin 1,000 edits
Moderator 500 edits
Rollback 250 edits


Reinstated This user got their admin privileges back.
Active This user is making contributions frequently.
Returned This user has came out of retirement, otherwise from a hiatus or a global block.
Break This user is currently inactive, but not long enough to make a hiatus.
Revoked This user has lost admin privileges.
Hiatus This user is currently inactive.
Dormancy This user has been inactive for 3 months.
Retired This user has retired/stepped down as an admin.
Unregistered This user has not yet made any contributions.
Grounded This user was banned due to inappropriate behavior, but still has Admin rights.
Revoked/Grounded This user has lost admin privileges, and was banned due to inappropriate behaviour.
Blocked This user has been globally blocked from Wikia.
Closed This user closed their account or their account was disabled by Wikia Staff.
Closed/Blocked This user was forced to close/disable their account down as a direct result of being globally blocked from Wikia.

Our Admins


Bureaucrats have the ability to make users into admins, as well into other bureaucrats.

Username Nicknames Role(s) Current Status Admin Since
mynameischrome Chrome Head administrator Active May 12, 2015
Igor the Mii Igor Founder Active
CoolGamer23 Driller Bureaucrat Active
Pingy Animatronic Pingy Bureaucrat Active May 17, 2015
Zombie407 TGB1 Bureaucrat Reinstated July 17, 2015


Admins have advanced features and have the ability to ban users, edit protected pages, etc.

Username Nicknames Current Status Admin Since Reinstated on
Chaossy Chaos Returned October 19, 2015
RobbiePwns135 Robbie Reinstated May 12, 2015 October 10, 2015
James the Animator James Active September 23, 2015
PB&Jotterisnumber1 Sophie the Otter Active September 22, 2015
Guy9374eesback Guy Active May 17, 2015 September 24, 2015
GoAnimateFan199Pro Nick Returned August 21, 2015
BoyInCharge55 Mametchi Returned November 23, 2015

Alternate accounts

Username Current Status
Patchouli Botledge Active
Toriel, Caretaker of The Ruins
Project WikiBot Retired

Alternate accounts

Admin Application

To apply for adminship, click here.

Former Admins

For the list of former Admins through all three GoAnimate wiki, please go to GoAnimate V3 Wiki:Adminship Board/List of Former Admins