a movie created by IA and Igor


the goanimators, are having a nice day at the v3 wiki HQ, until, they hear an explosion from outside, they see a scientist and his robot army attacking GoCity, the scientist then grabs a mysterious object from a destroyed building, he then leaves GoCity in his plane, and the GoAnimators follow him, the scientist enters a building and the go animators sneak onto the building's roof, they then spy on the scientist he is called nicholi, and talking to a winged women, named shirila, a human looking robot called M.A.X.O, and a weird looking creature called plasmoso, the scientist says that he has collected the first piece of an object called, "minder" an object that could contro, any living being, he then pulls out a map that has the location of the rest of the pieces, the rest of the pieces are scattered around the Milky Way Galaxy, the 4 evil doers then leave to store the piece, the go animators then smash a window , they enter the building and steal the map, they then return to the HQ, when nicholi returns, he is pissed, but M.A.X.O reveals that he took a picture of the map. Back at the goanimate HQ, the goanimators, are contemplating the situation, they decide to look for the pieces so they don't fall into the wrong hands, they build a spaceship, and IA, Igor, Oliver, Sophie, and thegoldenbrick1, board the spaceship, in order to find the pieces

Good ending

the goanimators collect most of the pieces, but when they return to GoCity, nicholi is there and he threatens to destroy the city with a nuclear bomb, unless the GoAnimators give him the pieces, the GoAnimators refuse and they raid nicholi' base and they kill him and his minions By blowing up the base.

Bad ending

the GoAnimators collect most of the pieces, but nicholi fires a laser at their spaceship and he destroys it, the GoAnimators die in space, and nicholi collects their pieces and takes over the world.

After credits scene

shirila emerges from the recharge of nicholi' base and vows to avenge nicholi!



Eric as IA

Paul as Igor

Brian as Bubsy

Kayla as Sophie

David as thegoldenbrick1

Young Guy as James


male Russian voice as nicholi


julie as shirila


Microsoft Sam as M.A.X.O


scary voice as plasmo