Freddie Freaker

Known as

Freddie Freaker, The Dancing New Sensation, Humanity's Bane



Years active

2008 - present




$2 a call


Freddie Freaker is one of the most notorious troublemakers of all time. He came on the scene in the 80s when he advertised on TV, entering the nightmares of many children who wanted to join the party the fast and easy way. Since then he has caused havoc all over the world. Freddie Freaker was alledgedly responsible for the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the earthquakes in Nepal and Haiti. The earliest record of Freddie Freaker is his military record from the late 1970s when he was a double agent for the Soviet Union in the Cold War. His phone number is 1-900-490-FREAK.

Invasion of GoAnimate

In 2008 Freddie Freaker hacked into many GoAnimate accounts and inserted himself in the videos. Once infected by Freddie Freaker, the only remedy was to close the account and ask for it to be deleted. Regular GoAnimate users who didn't understand what was happening started making videos of Freddie as a troublemaker but this only made the situation worse and angered Freddie Freaker.

Exile and Return

In 2009 Alvin Hung got very mad and banished all references to Freddie Freaker from GoAnimate and people forgot he existed for a while. Then in 2015 Freddie Freaker returned on the scene. Some have speculated that he was interred in a maximum security institution from 2009-2014, it is rumored that he was arrested for molestation and arson in Uganda during these years. Freddie's current whereabouts is unknown.