"Oh, the agony!"
—PC Guy when in pain

Edward Pearson

Full Name

Edward Pearson



Date of Birth

April 19, 2001


Brian (normal voice), Professor (depressed voice), Scary Voice (imitating an evil voice), Kidaroo (hyper/angry), Alan (imitating an Australian accent), David/Zack/Evil Genius (sick)

Edward Pearson (better known as PC Guy) is the deuteragonist in the animated television series, Comedy World. He is the smartest and weakest member of The Lucky Eight.


PC Guy is a wisecracking, polite, intelligent, and frail teenager. All thanks to lacking strength (when he isn't furious anyway) and having bad luck, he gets injured a lot, hence his catchphrase.


  • He has a love for books, dictionaries, newspapers, and even TV.
  • Even though he is 13, he can drive a car. This was revealed in the episode, Happy Birthday.
  • He is known to sleepwalk, as seen in the episode, Sleepwalking.
  • As seen in some early storyboards, his original catchphrase was "Jinkies McPinkies!".
  • As revealed in Computer Overload, the reason he hates being called "Edward" is because there has been a long-running show in the Comedy World universe titled Edward Stinks, which is a sitcom about a nerd suffering bad luck scenarios in his everyday activities.
  • PC Guy dressed up as a guitarist in The Halloween Bash.
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