EDCP (short for Everyday Cartoon Police) is a a group made to stop the GoodUserBadUser war with thier allie WAME (We Are Made Equal). It's secondary purpose was to stop the VGCP causing wars, this group started in late-2014 by TommyFilmsPro 


It was revealed that the EDCP are also an immature group like the other common GoAnimate community groups do, according to Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1 608's recent apology, after she wanted to leave the GoAnimate community. That controversy was also stated by Kaworu Sakurada (Rave) as well, the group was since it was made by the VGCP member also ran by underage kids and since this group disrespects opinions on alot of stuff, this group is not recommended to join.

List of EDCP members

  • Patrick1100 VGCP EDCP
  • David Yusifov
  • RainbowSparkle EDCP
  • Caleb The Animator (Possible)
  • Santiago Reveco Lepe 
  • Trent Morrison EDCP
  • Evil Peppa Pig EDCP
  • Evil Vanellope EDCP
  • JimmyGak EDCP
  • Pepe Loves Disney Store EDCP
  • Tico Tac EDCP
  • DoraBootsAndNoobFTW ElsaAnnaAndTingalingFTL/Apple Flims Fanatic 2003 UTTP VGCP EDCP (False UTTP Member)
  • coolboy7750 VGCP EDCP AUTTP
  • Strawberry Shortcake Rules est. 1999 VGCP AUTTP EDCP
  • Shopkins Girl PixieCake/Shopkins Girl EDCP AUTTP VGCP
  • ThomasSpongebobPinguTheLoudHouseFan 2001 EDCP (formally known as Joseph Isted EDCP)
  • TTTE and FNaF Fanatic 100 EDCP (Formally known as Dustyz 100)
  • TTTEAndSpongebobYes FurfagsNo VGCP EDCP AUTTP AAHC
  • ParappaTheRapper Rules Est. 2002 EDCP

Former EDCP members

  • Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1 EDCP
  • AviciiFan172
  • Robowil (Rejoined to spy on EDCP but got promoted when he did not want to. [1])
  • Christian Adams (Retired due to controversy)
  • Hamida Mansouri POE (Retried since he thinks that the EDCP is becoming like the VGCP)
  • Brendan Barney
  • Inez Thomas WAN EDCP
  • Sam Da Vlogger (left due to him leaving the GoAnimate community)
  • JakePancakez2004