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One Of Dora's GoAnimate Looks

Full name

Dora Marquez


Dora the Explorer


Female (♀)


Feb. 1, 2007


VoiceForge Kayla
VW Julie (some videos)
IVONA Ivy (on some template videos)
Vocalware Kate (Rhianna's videos)

Dora Marquez (more commonly known as Dora the Explorer) is the second most chosen character for a troublemaker, Despite her being a protagonist, she has a bad habit of forcing many users to watch her show. As seen in OliverWestern's videos, her attitude grew worse as she got older.

Dora met the following three requirements for being a Troublemaker, as 1: she is disliked by the whole GoAnimate Community, 2: she goes exploring, albeit without parental permission, and 3: she goes exploring on her own when she should be at home with her parents.

In a fictional game GoGang: Gangs on Control, she is the boss of Marquez County gang, which conquers the southern part of GoCity.

Main Enemies

As a direct result of the level of hatred shown towards her, it can be safely said that many of our users have decided to use Dora as a troublemaker in their grounded series including (but not limited to): Slippy V, adamkleinschmidt2003, African Vulture (briefly), Robbie, GoAniGal12, Zelda Hackenbush, VideoGamesYesBabyShowsNo, 57kirbyTV, Ryan Helmke, thegoldenbrick1, OliverWestern, OfficerPoop247, Toon and gaming toys VGCP And many others.


Dora is one of the most commonly used characters to get into dead meat; as a direct result of this, she always gets expelled from school without fail.

In Episode 3 of the OliverWestern series, Oliver made Dora say that pea is spelt pi-ss when the correct spelling is a pea.

OfficerPoop247 even made Dora hate Funai!

She is also commonly known for her is watching movies and TV shows made by Nickelodeon and/or Paramount Pictures. Whenever she watches those show, she gets in deep trouble as well.

She is a non-troublemaker in Rhianna's videos. She uses the original DTE look in Rhianna's videos

Fora the F***er

In a few videos published on YouTube, she's seen as having a twin sister going by the name of Fora the F⚫⚫⚫er; who was basically the Good Guy version of Dora, until a recent video confirmed that she too was a troublemaker, albeit not on the same level as Dora.


In thegoldenbrick1's videos, she has triplet sisters named Bora, and Cora. Given to her by her guardian angel. As of right now, nothing is known about them other than Bora being in a relationship with Caillou's triplet brother Baillou.

Barnhurst Prison

In OliverWestern's videos, Dora is very badly-behaved, that she makes other well-known Troublemakers look so well behaved; she is also serving time in Barnhurst Prison for being naughty. It should be noted that when OliverWestern created Dora, he had accidentally made her look like a prostitute. Dora was eventually written out of the show in order to make way for Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee, three new troublemakers from Dexter's Laboratory who made their debut in Episode 19. It was recently announced by OliverWestern that her good behaviour will not last after he refused to rule out a fourth season.


Dora the Explorer

Dora and Friends: Into the City!



Diego, Alicia, Baby Jaguar (American Gulper's version), Cole Lewis Marquez, Mami, and Abuela (normally), None (Rhianna's videos)