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Boyned as a Mr. Driller Chibi.

Current status

Globally banned

Notable for

  • Hacking
  • Cheating
  • Launching attacks on websites

Joined YouTube


Profile list

BoynedMaster is an infamous "Hacker"/Vandal who is trying to remove Touhou and Yandere Simulator Content from this wiki because Igor has Austim, Igor uses GoAnimate, and  he dosen't want GoAnimators assoisated to it. Currently, he is a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous.

His supporters are being banned.

His Hacking History

He hacked IA's account on July 27th, 2015. He tried to destroy the GoAnimate V3 Wiki, but was eventually stopped by the heroes. In fact, the GoGang is trying to involve the police so that BoynedMaster can get arrested for criminal offenses, He Banned Pingy from the V3 wiki One Time. He also kept spamming the comment by Pajama (Sammy Darkness) that said "i'm actually crying" [IMAGE] and also was gonna hack Pajama but never did. and which will never happen.

BoynedMaster's Demise

Although IA told everyone that he was hacked, everyone believed him. Except OliverWestern, who had cleverly used the Novazoid incident back on the v2 wiki to expose him as the Mastermind behind BoynedMaster.

These were the four clues OliverWestern found:

  • Clue #1: IntellegentATHIEST had warned us about the hacking, exactly the same way KingKool720 did on the v2 wiki.
  • Clue #2: IA had willingly gave the vandals Admin and Bureaucrat status, knowing full well that they would vandalise the wiki.
  • Clue #3: Phifedawg had stupidly admitted to his part in the incident, in an attempt to avoid a global block, as planned by IA.
  • Clue #4: IA claimed that he was innocent and that he was hacked, but his poor grammar proved that he was guilty as sin.

OliverWestern sent this evidence to the Wikia Staff; Oliver's suspicions were confirmed to be spot on correct, resulting in global blockings for all those involved.

On the GoGang Series

He is part of the NoGang.