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Behavior Card Day is the name of a school day where someone (usually the teacher), passes out color coded cards to others in a group, normally in a grounded video. However, grounding scenes are not always present. These videos usually take place in school, where the teacher hands the cards out to students/characters. Behavior cards come in a wide variety of colors and consequences (reward, neutral and disciplinary card colors vary by user). Usually the troublemaker may get in dead meat, due to behavior. The phrase "dead meat" is a term in itself, meaning to have a student permanently expelled from that particular school.


Behavior Card Day

Video Examples

Consequences (both positive and negative)

Reward Cards

  • Sent to heaven forever (you can come back to Earth at any time)
  • Graduation (getting your diploma)
  • Getting to stay off school for at least one year
  • Automatically placed in a college/university
  • Skipping grade levels
  • Prize money, tickets to a concert or sport show or any other kind of prize(rarely)
  • White rarely meaning good/bad
  • Getting to stay off school for "X" amount of months (1-11 months if schools have year-round, 1-9 months if schools don't have year-round)
  • Getting to stay off school for "X" amount of weeks (1-4 weeks)
  • Getting to stay off school for "X" amount of days (1-6 days)
  • Going home for a day
  • Homework pass
  • Being dismissed from school early

Neutral Cards

  • Nothing (Usually represented by a plain white card, or "A stupid sheet of paper," as quoted by the character(s) getting in "dead meat" for that video.)

Disciplinary Cards

  • Miminal amount of trouble (like warnings) (Teacher usually quotes, "Not a detention, just a talk after school.")
  • Student-teacher conferences / Parent-teacher conferences
  • Loss of recess (in elementary school)
  • Detention
    • Level 0: 1-1.88*10^43 Planck times
    • Level 1: 1-9 minutes
    • Level 2: 10-59 minutes
    • Level 3: 1-5 hours
    • Level 4: 5-23 hours
    • Level 5: 1-6 days; 1-4 weeks; 1-9 months (1-11 months year-round)
    • Level 6: Until you complete school
    • Detention at home
  • Suspension for a limited amount of time (1 day - 1 year)
  • Expelled from School

Dead meat card and underworld card

If the card is a dead meat one, the color of it may usually be black or sometimes red. It means the one who received this card (usually that troublemaker), is permanently expelled from school, usually by a loud scold done by a teacher. Most of the time, the troublemaker may ask for another chance upon receiving the card, which is usually met by a shout of "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" followed by the expulsion scolding. After that, the troublemaker goes to the principal's office and gets expelled. After that, the principal phones the troublemaker's parents, which will always see the troublemaker(s) get grounded and punished by the parents. the underworld card: if the card is the underworld card, they will be sent to the underworld and never see the teacher again!

  • Homework passes are the only rewards given out in real-life, if students worked hard.